Describe Energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance?


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describe energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance


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In sports performance, energy balance is required so that someone has enough energy to remain active over a standard period. It prevents people from using too much energy and getting burnout before time elapses.

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Balance sheet is a financial statement which shows the overall performance of any company from it's inception to till date and includes assets, liabilities and owner equity etc.

Beauty, grace, perfection, coordination, flexibility, presentation, power, balance, skill, strength, concentration -a gymnast my self

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The primary source of similar statistics for balance of payments and economic performance worldwide is theInternational Monetary Fund, Balance of Payments Statistics.

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Comparative balance sheet is that balance sheet in which comparison for more than one period is done to find out the performance of company.

balance sheet is that statement which shows company performance from it's inception to till date.

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Balance sheet is prepared to show the overall performance of business from it's inception to till date.

Relational Schema refers to meta-data elements which are used to describe structures and constraints of data representing a particular domain. Whereas a relation is a property or predicate that ranges over more than one argument Here's some translation from "Relational Algebra" to SQL terminology: * "Relation" = Table. * "Relation Schema" = Table definition. So for example, the "schema" for the Person "relation" is: Person(FirstName, LastName, Age, Gender, Address) Also in relational Algebra, a "tuple" is a table row, and an "attribute" is a table column.Mathematician define a relation to be subset of cartesian product list of domains.In daabase relation is a set of entities with similar attributes.In other way we can consider a relation as a table and it's rows as entities, and table's columns as attributes.Concept of relation corresponds to programming language notion of variable.relational Schema corresponds to the programming language notion of type definition.It is the logical design of database.e.g. for a relation account having attributes account_number, branch_name and balance, relational schema is specified as -Account_schema= (account_number, branch_name, balance)

simple lang alagaan ang kapaligiran.

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