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Describe a cell wall?


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A cell wall is a rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support to a cell.


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the cell wall surrounds the cell membrane

Cell Membrane is located inside the cell wall

It is rectangular and has a thick cell wall with an inner cell membrane

A plant cell has a rigid cell wall

The structure of a plant cell is very strong. It's wall is very rigid and shaped in as a rectangle.

Cell Membrane: all cells are surraunded by a thin, flexible barrier. Cell Wall: a strong supporting layer around the membrane.

The term used to describe the shrinking of the plant cells when the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall due to evaporation is called "plasmolysis".

The cell wall in plants and cell membrane in animals its a more comer figure that the membrane actually protects and nutrients the cell wall of the plant

The out side of all animal cells. because all the plant cells have a cell wall outside them and after the cell wall there is the cell membrane.its is not completely visible by the microscope. SZK

very thin, often a cell thick

Describe how the onion and cheek cell were similar in observed parts what parts did they have common? Well they are similar because they both have a nucleus and cytoplasm. They are different because in an onion cell there is a cell wall, doesnt have chlorplast, and it is a plant. For a cheek cell it has a cell membrane, doesnt have a cell wall, and is an animal.

The function of the cell membrane is to protect the cell and it also regulates the movement of particles in and out of the cell. The cell wall can only be found in a plant cell. It's function is to protect the cell and provides support for a growing plant. The cell wall is a tough rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and gives the cell a regular, box-like shape.

No, it does not have a cell wall only plant cell has cell wall

There is no cell wall in a animal cell but there is a cell wall in the plant cell.

a cell wall is something that is the whole outside of a cell. Every cell has a cell wall in plants but in animals cell wall is absent hence there is no role of cell wall in an animal cell.

No it does not have a cell wall because only plant cells have a cell wall but a nerve cell is an animal cell and an animal cell dose not have a cell wall.

Archae bacteria has a cell wall.

Cell wall made out of cellulose is the cell wall of a plant. A fungi has a cell wall composed of chitin and a bacteria has a cell wall composed of glycoprotein.

No, insect cell has not a cell wall, insect cell has cell membrane. Only plant cell has cell has cell wall.

no a plant cell has a cell wall

A cell wall protects the cell.

The cell wall helps the structure of a cell.

the cell wall protects the cell.

The cell wall is the outer coating of the cell. It keeps the shape of the cell rigid.

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