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Describe cause and effect of haymarket riot?

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2010-10-04 18:17:53

Well idk about the effects, I'm looking for that too, but I know

the cause.. Business and government leaders were scared that the

unions were going to spread the socialist's idea that all members

of society are created equal and share work and profits. They were

also scared that the unions would spread the anarchist's thought of

abolishing the government. On May 3, srikebreakers, union members,

and police fought because the McCormick Harvest Company hired

strikebreakers to replace the striking union members. During the

fight, one of the union members was killed... and then another

fight began, which was, of course known as the Haymarket


I'm glad I could help... well, I hope I can.. whatever.. I'm

just really bored :)

One of the effects was the 'yellow dog contract'. The yellow dog

contract was a contract used by employers that, after an employee

signed it, prevented said employee from joining a union.

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