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alot of vikings discovered the new world but never noticed that they discovered it. God allowed America to remain hidden until columbus discovered it.And if America was discovered earlier the history would be kinda different. And the america was discovered in 1492 the discovery of the new world began. :0

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Q: Describe how the renaissance and reformation helped set the stage fro the discoverery of the new world?
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Why was renaissance an important period in European history?

Renaissance literally means "rebirth" in French. The Renaissance was important because changes were occuring that helped lead Europeans out of the middle ages. There were many discoveries of art, literature, and architecture

What invention helped spread the ideas of the Renaissance?

The fast spread of ideas across Europe during the Renaissance was helped by Johannes Gutenberg revolutionary invention of the removable type printing press. This made hand printing obsolete and allowed the scale production and mass dissemination of literature.

Describe how privateers helped the American cause?

Too attack enemy ships they sent out 2000 of them

How did the Harlem Renaissance effect the world?

The Harlem Renaissance brought the world brilliant writers whose works are as relevant today as they were during the Renaissance. Writers such as Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and entertainers like Paul Robeson, Duke Ellington set literary and performance standards around the world. It also produced music styles that are still dominant today. Jazz and blues have become international music genres that helped shape and form dominant popular music styles such as Rock and Rhythm and Blues.

What was the importance of trade and travel during the Renaissance period?

the importance was that it helped increased wealth in Europe at the time. it also began the age of exploration. it introduced Europe to new ship routes and made communication easier between countries/cities in Europe and between the whole continent of Europe itself and other continents, such as Asia.

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Describe how the Renaissance and reformation helped set the stage for the discovery of the new world?

It helped by trading with the other countries and the travelers finding more land lead to finding the new world.

The period of time meaning rebirth that helped prepare for the Reformation is known as the?


The period in time meaning rebirth that helped prepare for the reformation is known as?

The Renaissance

How was the reformation influenced by the renissance?

The Renaissance's emphasis on humanism and critical thinking inspired scholars to question traditional religious beliefs and practices. This intellectual environment laid the foundation for the Protestant Reformation to challenge the authority of the Catholic Church and promote individual interpretation of scripture. The Renaissance also led to the printing press, which helped spread Reformation ideas across Europe.

Which development during the Renaissance helped MOST to cause the Protestant Reformation?

The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg played a significant role in spreading ideas and information during the Renaissance. This helped to circulate Martin Luther's writings and the ideas of other early reformers, contributing to the spread of Protestantism and the Reformation movement.

How did the renaissance contribute to the reformation period?

The Renaissance encouraged critical thinking, humanism, and a focus on individualism and questioning traditional beliefs. These ideas influenced the Reformation by inspiring thinkers like Martin Luther to challenge the authority of the Catholic Church and advocate for reform in religious practices. Additionally, the increased accessibility of knowledge and ideas during the Renaissance helped spread Protestant beliefs and spark religious change across Europe.

How did ideas of the renaissance and reformation influenced enlightenment?

people challenged accepted beliefs and authority

How did El Greco contribute to the Renaissance?

El Greco is important because he helped to preserve the cultural tradition of the Renaissance and capture of the spirit of the new reformation. He allowed the two to be merged into his work which is now mostly in the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. He is perhaps the most interesting mannerist artist.

Who in the Renaissance helped spread ideas quickly?

The printing press helped spread the ideas of the Renaissance.

What factor helped most to bring about the Protestant renaissance?

The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg played a key role in spreading ideas and facilitating access to religious texts, enabling the rapid dissemination of Protestant Reformation teachings. This technology helped fuel the spread of ideas critical of the Catholic Church and contributed to the rise of Protestantism during the Renaissance.

The reformation helped the increase of trade?


What event helped the start of the renaissance?

One event that helped start the Renaissance was the fall of the Byzantine Empire.