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the importance was that it helped increased wealth in Europe at the time. it also began the age of exploration. it introduced Europe to new ship routes and made communication easier between countries/cities in Europe and between the whole continent of Europe itself and other continents, such as Asia.

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Q: What was the importance of trade and travel during the Renaissance period?
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How did the physical geography of Renaissance Europe affect trade and competition among European countries?

Geography is a knowledge of travel routes and distances (as well as many other things). During the Renaissance, travelling long distances took a very long time. Perishable goods could only be obtained locally. Nonperishable and preserved goods could be transported, but were costly. More remote, difficult to access areas were often isolated from frequent trade.becuasethe rennaissance are bad

Why did the Romans avoid sea travel and how was this geographical drawback overcome?

The Romans did not avoid sea travel. In fact, they often preferred to travel by sea because this was less tiresome than overland travel or because much larger quantities of goods or numbers of troops could be transported this way. They only avoided sea travel in the winter because the Mediterranean sea was rough during this season.

According to the excerpt from Monstrous Peoples at the Ends of the Earth what most likely caused people's concept of the monstrous to change from ancient times to the Renaissance?

The rise in ocean travel allowed explorers to come into contact with peoples who were very different from known societies.

How long would it take to travel by carriage from Liverpool to London?

Liverpool and London are approximately 212 miles apart. During the summer the carriage journey would take 10 days. During the winter the journey would take 12 days.

How did travel affect the feudal system?

Travel was hard overland.

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What is the history of tour guiding during renaissance and the grand tour?

During that time the tourist is not safe, because in that time the country is very harm gor travel. In Renaissance period they dont have some amenities an security for the tourist and ther is no Lands transportation, Hotels were can tourist will be safe.

What mode of transportation was used during the English Renaissance?

During the English Renaissance lower class people would have traveled by foot but only as needed since the roads were dangerous. Middle and upper class people, often with guards, were able to travel by coach and horse. Travel by boat was also an option whether on the sea or a river.

How did travel and marriage spread renaissance ideas?

Travel and marriage spread renaissance ideas, By when you married you would spread ideas to you kids and spouse, and when you travel you spread it where you go

What inspired Renaissance artist and scholars?


How did the Renaissance people travel?

By boat and foot

In what age did Mongols made trade and travel safe during?

Mongols made trade and travel safe during the Modern Age. During that time period, trade and other business thrived and wealth soared among residents.

What does a Magellan do?

he was a explorer and was GOING to be the first one to travel round the world but he got killed on a island by the natives there near Australia. He was a famous renaissance explorer during this period of time 155-1650's. He set sail for is big trip in 1519 on the 20th of September. he took five ships with him

How did renaissance attitudes encourage European age of exploration?

Renaissance attitudes, such as a spirit of curiosity and a desire for knowledge, encouraged European explorers to seek out new lands and territories. The emphasis on humanism and individualism also fueled a sense of adventure and ambition, leading explorers to push the boundaries of known worlds in search of wealth, fame, and power. Additionally, advancements in technology and navigation during the Renaissance period made long-distance travel more feasible, further facilitating the age of exploration.

What were some renaissance travel tools?

Tools developed in the Middle Ages for exploration continued to be used during the Renaissance. One of these was the astrolabe, a portable device used by sailors to help them find their way. By measuring the distance of the sun and stars above the horizon, the astrolabe helped determine latitude, an important tool in navigation. Another tool, the magnetic compass, which had been invented in the twelfth century, was improved upon during the Renaissance. During the Renaissance they used these to travle the seas. They would make these tools normally out of silver, or ivory.

During the Italian Renaissance how would you travel from London to Florence?

On foot, on horseback or in a coach with horses, it would also have been possible to catch a boat from London to Italy.

What are four factors that moved Florence into the Renaissance?

Travel, Banking

Why was the Renaissance important for exploration?

The Renaissance fostered a spirit of curiosity and discovery, which fueled exploration by inspiring individuals to seek out new lands and cultures. Advancements in science, technology, and navigation during the Renaissance also enabled explorers to travel greater distances and make important discoveries. Additionally, the increased wealth and power of European nations during this time provided the resources and motivation to support exploration efforts.