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Thor is often portrayed with a red hair and beard with a large mjolnir in his hand.

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Q: Describe some of the charcteristics of Thor?
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What are some charcteristics of a toad?

Bumpy, scaley and slimey!

Describe the formation of convection currents in the mantle?

Its when thor ma made u

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Who plays thor in Thor?

thor plays thor in thor

What is Thor and Loki the gods of?

Thor is the son of Odin, the All Father; Thor is god of thunder in the Norse pantheon. Loki is the trickster, the god of mischief, and he seems to have control of some natural phenomena.

Who plays thor in the film thor 2011?

Chris hemsworth plays thor in the film thor (2011)

What nicknames does Gudmundur Thor go by?

Gudmundur Thor goes by Gummi, Thor, Gummi Thor, and Ziggy.

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How many Thor films are there?

There were three Thor films.Chris Hemsworth says his contract is up after Avengers 4 but he is open to maybe playing Thor again in a fourth Thor film.Thor (2011)Thor The Dark World (2013)Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Who was the original Thor?

There was no original Thor. The "original" Thor came from Norse mythology.

Is there going to be a second thor movie?

Thor: The Dark World will be the sequel to Thor.

Why does odin hate thor?

Odin does not hate Thor, Thor is the son of Odin.

How will the thor movie be?

i think pretty good, but with some flaws

Is thor dead?

thor is dead

Who is hotter Thor or Loki?


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What are the names of some of the Norse gods?

Some of the names of the Norse gods are Loki and Thor. Loki is a trickster god who likes to mess around with Thor, who has a big hammer that weighs a lot.

What nicknames does Jason Thor Hall go by?

Jason Thor Hall goes by Thor.

What does Thor look like?

Thor had big muscles which made him a very strong man and he also had long white hair some people say.

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el thor

Was Thor Roman?

No, Thor was a Norse god.

Where was Thor the viking from?

Thor was a God, not a viking.

How did thor begin?

Thor is the son of Odin.

Who would win thor or eradicator?