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First generation computers - vacuum tubes

Second generation computers - transistor

Third generation computers - Integrated chips

Fourth generation computers -Microprocessors

Fifth generation computers - Artificial Intelligence

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Is memory a hardware or software?

Memory (RAM) is hardware based usually on the motherboard of a computer system. Hope this helps!

What do you understand by generations of computers?

the computer generations are based on the electronic technology used:vacuum tubetransistorintegrated circuitmicroprocessor

Where is the computer hardware company Elonex based?

The computer hardware company Elonex that develops ebook readers, android touch tablets, and other electronic products is based in the Birmingham, United Kingdom. It was founded in London.

What are the Disadvantages of computer based patient records?

There is a Risk Of Hardware/Software Failure

What are computer-based communications?

that's a communications system that uses computers or computer like hardware/software

What are the six components of a computer-based information system?

The six components of a computer-based information system arePeopleHardwareSoftwareNetworksDataProcedures

What is the particular type of processor model and operating system on which a computer is based called?

a "platform" is probably how you would describe the combination of hardware details and operating system. Examples -- ARM32/Android, x86_64/Linux

Describe the relationship between hardware software and data in terms of interaction between them?

Hardware is the actual physical components. Software uses data to command the hardware to act and make it function based on data input by the user.

How do you xxplain the six elements of computer based information systems?

software,hardware,people,database,documentation and procedure

What is hardware realization?

Hardware realization is the use of hardware based emulators. These emulators are used to keep old software and games running. Basically it is when you make your computer run a simulation as though it is running with the specifications of an older system.

Describe and analyze the range of computer-related crimes and based upon this analysis offer up some effective countermeasures?

Describe and analyse the range of computer-related crimes and, based upon this analysis, offer up some effective countermeasures.

Define computer Briefly describe classification of computers?

A computer is a machine that is able to be programmed to perform tasks. Classification is based on application, size, brand, and model.

What are 4 ways in which an operating system controls hardware and software on a computer?

as I remember it the main ways to control peripherals on a computer or computer based systems is software, mediumware, firmware and hardware, things may have changed since i was last at school, but it is worth checking out them all, mediumware may have evolved into firmware by now, but you never know, check it out :) So essentially you have hardware which is controlled by its firmware, the firmware is what the operating system (mediumware)uses to control the hardware, and the software is the part that interacts with the operating system (mediumware) to make it possible for anyone to use the hardware in a nutshell.

What is technopreneurship?

The term "techonpreneurship" refers to entrepeneurs who make money in the technological fields, such as computer software/hardware, social networks and internet based businesses.

What is computer Network?

A computer network is a group of computer systems and other computing hardware devices that are linked together through communication channels to facilitate communication and resource-sharing among a wide range of users. Networks are commonly categorized based on their characteristics.

Discuss the features of computer based inventory system?


What does the Dell India company sell?

The Dell India company is a manufacturer of Dell products for the Indian market. Dell, a U.S based company, sells computer hardware, computer software, IT consulting services, and generally IT servicing.

What are the categories of operating system based on the hardware machine they run?

there are two types of os based on your hardware machine. first is nos and second is cos base.

Difference between applications and computer-based information systems?

A computer based information system is a network of computer based hardware or software that collects, filters, and processes data or other relevant information. And application is a program that is designed for the end user. Examples of application software include data bases, spreadsheets, and web browsers. The application software cannot run without system software.

What is the pxi hardware architecture?

PCI eXtension for Instrumentation (PXI) provides a base for the building of electronic test equipment. It is based on industry standard computer buses. PXI based equipment would often be found in scientific laboratories.

Definition of information technology and it's features?

Information technology, usually abbreviated as IT, is defined as the umbrella covering all activities associated with computer based information systems. It is defined as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based information systems. It deals with how to use computer software and hardware and computer networks to produce, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve securely and efficiently the information.

What is the different between multiprocessor and multiprogramming?

multiprocessor is hardware based while multiprogramming in software based

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