Describe the four noble truths?

The Four Noble Truths are:

1. Life is full of suffering. The word the Buddha used was probably closer to

Discontentment. That we are never really satisfied and if we are, it doesn't


2. This Suffering (discontentment) has a cause. This cause is our attachment

to desires. Now, this doesn't mean that having desires is bad. It means that

we must be smart about our desires. We shouldn't have these aching

desires to get things like new clothes or the latest cell phone because once

we get it, we are only happy for a short while. Then we are discontent

again. We should desire for things that are helpful to others, or that we can

make a positive impact on someone's life...

3. There is a state in which suffering (discontentment) stops and that stat is

attainable. If we apply ourselves correctly to the 4th truth, we can become

happy with life just as it is. We can break the chains that tie us to wide mood

swings and over-reactions. We can treat people kindly and be generous and

be content.

4. There is a path to end suffering. The Buddha laid out a path that anyone

can follow. It takes practice to override the view of things and how we have

thought throughout our lives but you can get there from here if you practice

hard enough and with real intention.