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The Founding Fathers realized that one of the major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation was its lack of an independent executive. The Constitution created an independent, strong executive branch. The powers listed in the Constitution dealing with the executive office are broad and vaguely described. As a result, the specific power in any given situation is left to interpretatation by the person holding the office of President at that time. The President, for example, can fire officials in the executive branch, make agreements with foreign nations, and issue executive orders, even though those powers may not be mentioned specifically in the Constitution. The President is Commander in Chief of the armed forces; he has the power to appoint; the President may pardon people convicted of a federal crime; the State of the Union address allows the President to set forth a legislative plan for his administration; and the President can call Congress into special session. The President can also use the media to get citizens to approve or disapprove of a governmental action. The President can also meet with leaders of Congress and with representatives of foreign nations, thus helping to establish domestic and foreign policies for the nation.

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Q: Describe the ways the Presidents can take action on their own?
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