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Did AJ and Joe Jonas break up?

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Did Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka break up?

a loooongg time ago. keep up. lol. just playin'.

Who broke the AJ Michalka and Joe Jonas relationship up?

It was Aj i think It was Aj i think

Who is aly aj dating?

Aj is dating Joe Jones AJ USED to date joe jonas. they broke up though.

Is Aj and Joe Jonas dating still in 2008?

No, they broke up.

Did AJ and Joe Jonas go together?

yup..they did..along time ago..when the Jonas bros were performing with aly and aj...but they broke up... =)

When did Joe Jonas and aj michalka broke up?

NO one really knows ! AND AJ IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT A SLUT! ' Thank you

Did tailorswift break up with Joe Jonas?

No Joe broke up with her

Why did aj michalka and Joe Jonas broke up?

Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka broke up because The Jonas Brothers were busy and so were Aly & AJ. It just didn't work because of the lack of time that they got to spend with each other. Also they broke up on August 31st. Hope this helped ya!

Why did Joe Jonas and AJ breakup?

The relationship wasn't working because they never got to see each other, so they decided to break up. [YAY]

Does Joe Jonas go out with AJ?

sorry not anymore they broke up. sad, sike!

Does Joe Jonas broke up with Camila or she broke up with him?

Joe Jonas broke up with Camila she didn't break up with him

Did Aly and AJ Ever go out with the Jonas Brothers?

AJ did in fact go out with Joe at one point, but they eventually broke up.

Why did AJ break up with Joe Jonas?

A.J broke up with Joe Jonas due to him forgetting her birthday. Afterwards, A.J sent Joe a birthday cake made of ice cream and a message reading it's over. And, if you have ever listened to it, the song Potential Break Up Song was written Joe. But also, the Jonas Brothers song Moving On was written for A.J. Joe wrote this song because he wants to get is view across that he doesn't like long distance relationships.

Did Joe Jonas and his girlfriend break up?


During what songs did Joe Jonas really cry to after his break up this summer?

Joe Jonas cried to "Gotta Find You" and "Much Better" after his break-up this summer.

Does forever and always by Taylor Swift have Joe Jonas in it?

It does not have Joe Jonas in it but the song was originally written about the break-up between Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift.

Who wins your camp rock?

i wish demi and joe Jonas break up coz i HATE joe Jonas

Did Joe Jonas and AJ Milchalka date?

Yes, they did, but they broke up. About 2 or 3 years ago.

Is Joe Jonas going with aj?

No, he used to date her in 2005, but they broke up a long time ago.

Did Alyson and Joe Jonas date and why did they break up?

NO and they didnt

Is potential break up song about Joe Jonas?

No, it's not.

Does Demi Lovato break up with joe Jonas?


Did demi lavoto and joe Jonas break up?


Was Nick Jonas the reason Taylor and miley broke -up?

NO Nick Jonas did not cause Taylor swift and JOE JONAS to break up

What pop star did joe famously break up with?

Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone. It was a very publicized break up.