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According to The Bible, YES they did (Genesis 2:7-8)(Genesis 2:18+21-23)(Genesis 3:20). Adam was listed in Jesus' genealogy(Luke 3:23+38) and Jesus + his apostles mention them(Matthew 19:4-6/Genesis 2:24/Ephesians 5:31)(Mark 10:6-9/Genesis 5:2)(1 Timothy 2:5,6,13+14)(Romans 5:12+14) (1 Corinthians 15:22,45,47)and their son, Abel, by name (Luke 11:48-51/ Hebrews 11:4). And Jude says that Enoch was 'seventh one in line from Adam' (Jude 14). Infact, according to scripture, the reason Jesus came to earth is BECAUSE of Adam (Romans 5:6-12/Romans 6:23/Isaiah 59:2/Habakkuk 1:13/Ephesians 2:3/1 John 4:10/Hebrews 2:17)(1 Corinthians 15:3/Isaiah 53:12/Mark 10:45).

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No less an authority than Cardinal George Pell said, in a recent televised debate, that the story of Adam and Eve is a myth - a religious story told for religious purposes. Adam and Eve did not exist.

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Q: Did Adam and Eve exist
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