Did Adam and Eve have three boys?

The Bible only mentions three children: Cain, Abel, and Seth. However, Seth was born after Abel was murdered, so there were only two children alive at any one time.

Another answer:

No... not just three:

"When Adam was 130 years old, his son Seth was born, and Seth was the very image of his father. After the birth of Seth Adam lived another 800 years, and HE HAD OTHER SONS AND DAUGHTERS. He died at the age of 930." (Gen.5:3-5 NLT New Living Translation)

People before the flood... and before the sins of man began to produce the "inherited genetic defects and diseases" in themselves and their children, were healthy and robust, and had life-spans of nearly 1000 years.

Adam and Eve probably had "hundreds" of children; sons and daughters!

"God blessed them and told them, 'MULTIPLY AND FILL THE EARTH and subdue it..." (Gen.1:28 NLT).