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Did Amelia Earhart invent something?

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No, Amelia Earhart didn't invent something

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What is something that is important to Amelia Earhart?

Amelia Earhart loved helping people. Avation was important to her.

What can you learn from Amelia Earhart?

From Amelia Earhart women can learn that just because we are women doesn't mean we are incapable of doing something.

Is Amelia Earhart a he or a she?

Amelia Earhart is a woman.

Did Amelia have kids?

did amelia earhart have kids

What is something mysterious about Amelia Earhart?

There was nothing mysterious about Amelia. She was open, friendly and unashamedly ambitious.

How was life for Amelia Earhart?

how was Amelia Earhart early life

How can we remember Amelia Earhart?

By making statues of Amelia Earhart.

How are the wright brothers and Amelia Earhart not the same?

the Wright brothers built planes and Amelia Earhart did not

Where did Amelia Earhart grow up?

Amelia Earhart grew up in Atchison,Kansas

Did Amelia Earhart have brother and sisters?

Amelia Earhart had a sister Grace Muriel Earhart

Did Amelia Earhart invent some thing?

no? she flew in a airplane across the Atlantic Ocean, then never returned.

What is the birth name of Amelia Earhart?

Amelia Earhart's birth name is Amelia Mary Earhart.

Who was with Amelia Earhart when she died?

Fred Noonan was with Amelia Earhart when she disappeared.

What does Amelia Earhart look like?

Amelia Earhart had short hair.

Who did Amelia Earhart work with?

Amelia Earhart worked with Fred Noonan.

Was Amelia Earhart strong?

Yes Amelia Earhart was very strong

What degree did Amelia Earhart get in college?

Did Amelia Earhart get a major in college

Was Amelia Earhart an exploror or adventuer?

Amelia Earhart was neither. She was an aviator.

Was Amelia Earhart a hero?

Yes, Amelia Earhart was certainly a heroine.

Was Amelia Earhart an African-American?

No, Amelia Earhart was Caucasian

Why did Amelia Earhart go to California?

Why did Amelia Earhart go to California

When did Amelia Earhart invent her first airplane?

Amelia did not invent airplanes, she loved flying and created many records of long and unusual flights. However all her adventures were in aircraft she bought or that were owned by benefactors.

What was Amelia Earhart's mom and dad's names?

They were Edwin Stanton Earhart and Amelia Otis Earhart.

What order was Amelia Earhart born in?

Amelia was the first born child of Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart and Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart

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