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Yes, they imported around 100 of them in that caliber. The .45 Spectre is quite rare today (since only about 100 were imported) and magazines for it are even rarer. The collectors value, if you can find one with spare magazines, is approx. $900-$1100 for the pistol and $100-$120 each for the magazines. Word of caution! The Spectre was originally designed to fire 9mm, the .45 Spectre has a tendency to self-destruct over time because of the additional stress of firing the larger caliber. Before buying one have a qualified gunsmith thoroughly inspect it for any signs of fatigue or damage. At one time I owned three .45 Spectres (1 shooter, 2 NIB), my shooter self-destructed on me after firing approx. 2500-3000 rds.. If you are interested in owning a Spectre I would highly recommend finding one in 9mm, they are more common and the mags are easier to find and much less expensive than the .45 caliber ones. Seeing as the Spectre was designed to fire the 9mm it should last for many thousands of rounds, my 9mm has around 4500 rounds through it and is still going strong with no signs of wearing out anytime soon. Regards. Yes they did. And they are very rare. You will not find one for $900-$1000.00 unless you are the luckiest man on the planet. The last one I saw sold for $4500.00 and the last one I had I sold for $4000.00. They are extreamly well made pistols. But I have to agree the .45acp is a really hard nocking round for this pistol. But the one I had was used for well over 10K rnds. (all factory rounds not reloads) and had no problems. The mags ARE even more rare than the gun. That is an understatement. They are impossible to find. They are stick mags and not at all like the 4-2-1 collom mags that the .40S&W and 9MM. have. They are double stack .45 stick mags about the same size as a Thompson .45 mag. I sold 4 extra ones with the pistol I sold and they went for $250.00 ea. I still have one left. It was left at the shop when I sold the pistol at a gunshow in Tulsa. I have to say though. IF you ever get a chance to buy one and you can afford it. DO IT! It is an awesome pistol.

They are also in .40S&W. and much easier to find then the .45ACP. I highly recommend any one of them. USMCStingray

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