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Did Annie Oakley go to school?

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yes Annie Oakley went to a central school

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Did Annie oakley attend school or college?

no annie oakley didnt go to school

Did Annie Oakley go to school when she was an adult?

Anne oakley did not go to school.at all.

What is Annie oakleys favorite subject?

Annie Oakley did not go to school!

Did Annie oakley go to college?

no Annie never attend college or any school

Where did Annie Oakley go to school?

She had little or no formal education.

Did Annie Oakley go to high school?

She didn't finish high school.

Where did Annie Oakley go to school as a child?

She had very little formal education.

What nicknames did Annie Oakley go by?

Annie Oakley went by Little Miss Sure Shot.

Did Annie Oakley attend college?

Oh no as she was very poor she did not go to school even, college was unthinkable for her.

What did Annie oakley do for a living?

annie oakley loved to shoot guns

Did Annie oakley attend school?

no she was poor after her dad died

What is an Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter, as well as an exhibition shooter.

Where did Annie Oakley go to college?

She had no formal education.

Was Annie Oakley in jail?

no although, she did go to court!

How many brothers did Annie Oakley have?

Annie Oakley had 4 brothers

How many kids did Annie Oakley have?

Annie Oakley had absolutely no children

Why is Annie Oakley famous to Maryland?

Annie Oakley is famous as a sharpshooter .

When was Annie Oakley born?

Annie Oakley was born on August 13, 1860.

Who Annie Oakley named after?

Annie Oakley married June 20 1882

What kind of education did Annie Oakley have?

No Annie Oakley did not have any form of education.

Is Annie Oakley a woman or a man?

Annie Oakley is a woman; she did gun shows

When was Annie Oakley House created?

Annie Oakley House was created in 1913.

What are the release dates for Annie Oakley - 1954 Alias Annie Oakley 2-1?

Annie Oakley - 1954 Alias Annie Oakley 2-1 was released on: USA: 10 July 1954

What would Annie oakley wear to school if she went?

I don't know but i do know that she did not attend school.

Why didn't Annie Oakley get an education?

she never attended school and never had an education

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