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Did China have wars?

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they fought against the axis powers in WWII and they fought against America in the Vietnam War

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What is the ISBN of The Coming China Wars?

The ISBN of The Coming China Wars is 0132281287.

How many wars has been in China?

there has been 18 wars fought in china

How many wars have been fought in china?

China has fought 35 wars in total.

When was The Coming China Wars created?

The Coming China Wars was created in 2006-10.

Has china had any wars?

China had a war with China in the early 1960s , under Chou En Lai. China has had wars for thousands of years. In addition to the first answer, there were the Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, The Sino-Japanese War, and the Korean War.

Did china have any wars?

yes,china have wars to kill at people china so they can be a king and queen and there is a yellow star it is real and germany kill people!

Which country has had the most civil wars?

China, where every dynastic cycle since the Xia dynasty was forged by civil wars. China had more than a thousand civil wars.

The two Opium Wars were between China and what other country?

The two Opium Wars were between China and Britain (1839-42; 1856-60).

When did England attack China?

1467, 1502, and twice in WWI - www.englishhistory.com/wars/china

How did china loose Vietnam?

Ancient(?) China lost it during a series of little wars.

What country with China fought in the two Opium Wars?

It was between China and Great Britain

Can you fly a plane or a helicopter on Grand Theft Auto China town wars for the ds?

no you can not fly a helicopter or plane on GTA China town wars for the ds

Who was involved in the opium wars?

China and Great Britain.

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