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Clara Barton

Did Clara Barton kill her family?

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No, she did not kill her family. If she killed her family she would not have gone to the Civil War. So, if you do not believe me, go on, look for "Clara Barton" and that will be your answer or other wise your just Dom!

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Clara Barton did not have a family as adult because she never got married

Clara Barton lived to be 91.

Clara barton died in Echo Glen, Maryland on April 12, 1912 but she was buried in the family plot in Oxford, MA.

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. Clara barton was taught by her family how to read at an early age . when she was five her brother taught her mathematics . she was sent off to school at age eight

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Clara Barton never married. Stephen Barton was the name of her father and brother.

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Clara Barton was the youngest of 5 children.

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