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If we are talking about the Roman Emperor Constantine, NO. He ruled over the Roman Empire 1100 years or so before the Spanish language existed as we know it now. What evolved into Spanish was called "Vulgar Latin" at the time and was very different than the modern Spanish Language. Spanish as we know it now started to emerge as the Moors were being expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. Sometime in the 1400s the individual dialects that emerged from the Moorish occupation became Castillian (Castellano) and Andalucian (The reason Carribean Spanish sounds so different) then merged (somewhat) to become modern Spanish.

The current "King James" equivalent in the Spanish language was translated from the Greek translation by Casiodoro de Reina in 1569. Before that the Latin translation of The Bible was most commonly used.

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Q: Did Constantine translate the bible to spanish?
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