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Yes, he did. Dale Sr. drove an all black #3 Chevy Lumina during the 1992 Winston Cup season.

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Is the 1997 Chevy Lumina rear or front wheel drive?

Front wheel drive.

Is the 1996 Chevy Lumina front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

Front-wheel drive.

Is the 1991 Chevy Lumina front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

It is a front wheel drive.

Is the 1995 Chevy Lumina rear or front wheel drive?


What Chevy model is Dale Earnhardt Jr. driving in 2013?

He will drive a Chevy SS which will be released by Chevy in late 2013.

Where is the drain plug on a 99 Chevy Lumina?

where is the drain plug on a 99 Chevy lumina where is the radiator drain plug on a 99 Chevy lumina I am not completely sure about the 99 but I drive a 95 lumina and the radiator drain plug is located to the right of the radiator (if you are looking under the hood) and at the bottom of the housing for the radiator. Mine is white in color.

Can you drive a 93 Chevy Lumina without a catalytic converter?

yes keep o2 senser installed then no prop

Where is Dale Earnhardt Drive located?

Dale Earnhardt Drive is located in Avondale, Arizona.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive a black car?

Blue and Yellow car- (1979-1987) Black car - (1988-2001)

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever drive a number 8 Chevy Nova that had the same colors as his number 3 GM Goodwrench car?

Dale Earnhardt did drive a #8 Goodwrench Nova from 1986-1988 in the Busch Grand National Series.... now Nationwide Series....

How many mpg should a 1993 Chevy lumina euro get?

I have a 93 euro 3.1 with 186k and am getting between 20 and 25 depending on how I drive.

What makes of cars did Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. in 26 years of driving, drove a Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Buick, Pontiac and an Oldsmobile. Dale drove nothing but Chevrolets from 1984-2001.

Where is the water pump located on a 1995 Chevy Lumina 3.4?

if this is front wheel drive it will be on the passanger side bottom of engine good luck replacing that it it is rear wheel drive its in the front bottom a little eaiser

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr ever drive a number 8 Chevy Camaro that had the same colors as his number 3 GM Goodwrench car?

Yes, in the ASA Series.

Who does Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive for?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. currently drives for Hendrick Motorsports.

How would you fix the power steering in a '92 Chevy Lumina if it cuts out when you drive slowly?

HeyDuffman==If the belt is tight and it is full of fluid, take it to a garage. GoodluckJoe

Did dale sr ever drive a race for Dale Earnhardt inc?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. did drive for Dale Earnhardt Inc. in the Busch (now Nationwide) Series, but never in the Winston Cup (now Sprint Cup) Series.

What car does Jessica Simpson drive?

2013 Black Chevy Suburban LTZ 4x4

Did Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Junior ever drive cars with the number 3 in the same year?


What would cause your 90 Chevy lumina to stall out after it warms up It will restart but dies when put in gear.?

tcc switch on the top of the trans. Just unplug and drive away.

Who does Jeffrey Earnhardt drive for?

Jeffrey Earnhardt drives for Rick Ware Racing in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series.

Where is the ECM on a 1996 2500 Chevy truck?

It is under the hood on the drive side. It has fins and is black

Did Dale Earnhardt drive a number 2 miller car?


1995 Chevy lumina and it won't drive over 50 mph What could be the problem?

Clean the MAF sensor with CRC MAF cleaner. Check the airfilter. Check for a clogged catalytic converter.

Replacing radiator on Chevy lumina sedan 3.1L?

Drain, pull out the old radiator, put in the new radiator, fill with 50/50 antifreeze and distilled water, put on cap, drive on.