Did Drake and Rihanna make out?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Did Drake and Rihanna make out?
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Does drake go out with Rihanna?

Yes drake does go out with rihanna

Did drake sleep with Rihanna?

Did drake ever have a relationship with Rihanna has he been intimate with rihanna

Does Chris Brown know Rihanna and drake are dating?

Rihanna and Drake are not dating.

Are Drake and Rihanna in a relationship?

Drake and Rihanna aren't in a relationship but they are good friends.

Did Nicki and Rihanna fight over Drake?

rihanna and drake would be a lovey couple :)

Are drake and rihanna together?


Is Rihanna and drake are dating?

no there not..

Is Rihanna merred to drake?


Did drake have an affair with rihanna?


Did rihanna and drake brok up?

No they did not

Does Drake Like Rihanna As A Friends?


Is drake and rihanna married?

No she is not married.