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Rihanna and Drake are not dating.

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Rihanna got smart and left the abusive Chris Brown. She is dating Drake now.

She cheated on Chris Brown with Drake the sexy rapper

Yes. It was over Rihanna.

they both love rihanna

No, Rihanna and Drake the rapper are not dating. Rihanna is dating Matt Kemp.

No, Rihanna doesn't talk to Chris Brown anymore because she dates Drake and she is way over him... Chris Brown is over Rihanna too, he dates anybody that he wants to date.

Yes they are dating they are trying to keep it a secret in case it doesn't work out.NoyesType your answer here... i think that rihanna doesnt know really bcoz>firstly chris brown abused her on some point and drake is the only way to in a relationship with sooo...but then it depends on rihanna i thinks she likes drake.

I don't know If rihanna is single. People are going around saying that she is suppose to be engaged to Chris Brown then they say that she was dating Ashton Kutcher for 2 months. Then I hear that she is going out with Drake.

there may be a posibility because she wanted to get over chris brown.

It is speculated that Rihanna is dating Chris Brown or rapper Aubrey Drake Graham. Rihanna is well known for keeping her affairs out of the media's reach so as to prevent any scandals.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are not back together. Rumor has it she is seeing Aubrey Drake Graham at the moment.

she is planning for drake to ask her out or to marry her x chris brown

because she loves him

Yes they are ! They are dating

No, Drake did not fight Chris Brown.

drake obviously. chris brown is more of a singer than drake and drake is more of a rapper than chris brown

Because apparently she 'played' Chris Brown and Drake according to Nicki Minaj

artist as in singing: Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Drake, Chris Brown, Eminem

No,they would never fight over anybody they're friends

No, Rihanna has never been married. While she has dated popular musicians like Chris Brown and Drake as well as dating Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, she has never been married to any of these men.

Neither Rihanna is dating Matt Kemp.

yes, rihanna is recently dating drake a.k.a best rapper ever again..

Rhianna has been in a relationship with drake after her and Chris brown but Rhianna has now said to be moving in with drake and taking a next step And they have been seen in a nightclub togheter

Chris brown look 50x better than drake!!!!!!!

No she is single for right know

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