Eli Whitney

Did Eli whitney have 4 kids?

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How many kids did Eli Whitney?


How may kids did Eli Whitney have?


How many kids did Eli Whitney have?

yes he had 19 kids

Did Eli Whitney have kids?

He had four children.

Did Eli Whitney have any kids?

yes yes

Who was Eli Whitneys family?

Eli Whitney married Henrietta Edwards when he has 51 years old. His oldest and only son was named Eli Whitney the 3rd. Eli Whitney was the oldest of four kids, his mother died when he was young. Eli aso had four kids of his own, one of which died still a baby.

Who were Eli Whitney's children?

He had 4 children: Eli Jr. (Eli III), Frances Edwards Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, and Susan Edwards Whitney.

Eli Whitneys kids?

yess,Eli Whitney jr,elizabeth, susan,Frances

How many sons did Eli Whitney have?


Was Eli Whitney a lady?

No, Eli Whitney is a man.

Who did Eli Whitney married?

who did Eli Whitney Mary

Did Eli had 4 children or 1 what were their names?

he had one and his name was Eli Whitney Jr

How many childeren did Eli whitney have?

4 children

Was Eli Whitney black?

eli whitney is black

What are the names of Eli Whitney's children?

He was named after Eli Whitney , his name was Eli Whitney.

Was Eli Whitney a girl or guy?

Eli is a man's name; Eli Whitney was a man.

What was Eli Whitney's child like?

Eli Whitney had more than 1 child. He had 4.Frances EdwardElizabeth FayEli Whitney Jr.Susan Edwards

Who the heck is Eli Whitney?

Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin.

Who did Eli Whitney marry?

=Eli Whitney married Brittney Spears.=

Did Eli Whitney have children?

Yes, Eli Whitney had four children.

Where did Eli Whitney grow up at?

Eli Whitney live in Geogia.

Was Eli Whitney an abolitionist?

Yes! Eli Whitney was in fact an abolitionist!

Was Eli Whitney a male?

Yes. Eli Whitney; the inventor, was a male.

Did Eli Whitney make the violin?

No Eli Whitney did not invent the violin, but Eli Whitney did make his own violin when he was 12 years old.

Eli Whitney invented what?

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin (engine).

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