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Q: Did George Jones sing song called It's okay?
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Did George Jones sing a song called oobie do?

Sorry but the answer is no. However Roy Orbinson sang a song called Ooby Dooby

Did george Jones son sing on the porter wagoner show?

Yes,I remember Porter introducing two little boys as George Jones son's,however their last name was not Jones. They could really put on a show and sing. I wonder where they are today.

What song did Garth brooks and george Jones sing?

"Beer Run"

Did Patsy Cline ever sing a duet with george Jones?

No they never did.

Did George Jones and Johnny Horton ever sing the same song?

George Jones recorded Johnny's hit, "One-Woman Man", twice. The second time Jones recorded it, it was a hit for him.

Did george Jones sing with aaron Lewis in country boy?

Yes he plays the devil in LA

What gospel songs did George Jones and Tammy Wynette record together?

One was "We Love To Sing About Jesus"

Did norah Jones sing summertime?

No, the song is originally performed by either louis armstrong or george gershue

Who sing the the song called Davy Jones Lullaby?

Hans Zimmer

What song did Andre sing to jade in victorious?

The song is called okay by Elizabeth Gillies

What hits does Quincy Jones sing himself?

He does not sing himself

Did aled Jones sing mother of mine?

No Aled didn't sing this, it was sung by a young Scots lad called Neil Reid, and reached No2 in the charts back in 1972.

Does canton Jones sing christian music?

Yes. Why else would he have a song called "Jesus is the light" or "the Password:Jesus" ?

What does tom Jones do?


Does Ciara still sing?

Yes Ciara still sing becuse I have her music on my iPod okay so your answer is yes she still sing.!!

Is george Jones still alive?

Yes, George Jones is still very alive and active in making albums and singing at concerts. He does over 100 concerts a year. He also has gotten saved and has quit drinking, doing drugs, smoking, and even drinking coffee. His voice has weakened over the years but, he still has a very good voice. He just kind of sounds tired. But, he still can sing really, really good. It has only weakened some. He is now 77 years old and is enjoying his life with wife Nancy Jones who straightened him out in the mid-80s. George has not drunk from the mid-80s up until 1999 when he was depressed and got drunk and drove and had a very bad car crash. Then Vestal Goodman came to the hospital after George was doing better and led George to be a Christian. George is almost the last of a dying breed. No one could ever Fill his shoes (George released a song in the 80s called "Whos Gonna Fill There Shoes" for those of you who don't know). Yes, George is still very much alive. Thanks, JonesAndHaggard (Josh Williams)

What song did jade sing in tori goes platinum?

Its called okay by blakhouse mike. This is also the song that jade sings in the episode were she and Andre wrote a song

Did Tom Jones sing Delilah?


Did Tom Jones sing you and mrsjones?


Who did tom Jones sing with?

not bob marley

Can Kesha sing live?

She doesn't sing the best but its okay its better than what bad singers sound like.

What did George Harrison do in The Beatles?

"I play lead guitar, and I sing a couple of songs, and I sing a couple of bits on songs that most people don't think I sing on." - George Harrison, 1964

Who inspired Garth brooks to sing?

George Strait inspired him to sing.

Did tom Jones sing wild horses?


Artist who sing - you can leave your hat on?

Tom Jones