Did God reveal his name to the pharaoh?

Dear Friends,

Jesus himself said that "the creator has no name" he referred to the Creator as

"the great spirit" just like the Hopi Indians have, and they don't have a bible.

The bible is filled with inaccurate history and myths, if you do your homework

you will find much new information about where these myths came from.

Pharaoh "Akhenaton" and "Moses" were the same person.

There is indisputable proof that they were. Read some of Ralph Ellis work, and many others. The Egyptians kept great records.

Yahweh - Comes from the word "Ra", Ya is Arabic for Ra.

Yahveh or Jahveh was also the volcano god of the Midianite's

People back then did not understand science and nature like we do today.

Ya and Ra are simply the creative force in the universe some call "God".

The barbaric hateful warmonger god Yahweh in the bible, DID NOT EXIST!

The burning bush of Moses was a metaphor for the "Kundalini energy."

All of these stories had a "coded" meaning. Once you know the "code", then

everything in the bible makes sense! But only those who have a burning desire for the truth will find the truth. Not people who set around and wait for some organization to hand deliver it to them. These are lazy minded people and they are not ready for the truth. That is what Jesus meant when he said "those who have eyes to see and ears to hear...."

Christians at the end of a prayer say "Amen."

Amen, Amun, Aten, Aton, Ra, Ya, are all solar gods pictured as a solar disk with wings.

Jehovah's Witnesses have on their early literature the solar disk with wings, who is Ra, or Ya. Today they don't worship the sun of course, but the foundation of all religion came from Egypt, and solar worship.

So we all know there is a Creator, what ever you want to call it, I call it the

"Creator." There is no invisible man or god out there on a throne looking down at you taking notes as to what you do. As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you..." and "Ye are gods...." We are all children of the Creator and part of

the creation.

Here is some interesting words for your entertainment:

Minister - means "moon star"

Pasture - means "father star"

Hours - comes from solar deity "Horus" the suns journey through the sky.

Egyptians used to say "where is Horus?" now we say "What time is it?"

Minute - moon's movement

second - planet mercury's movement

Hour hand - Horus, the suns movement

Horizon - Horus rising

El - means god as does Ill, Al, All, Sha Sa simply means light or illumination

Is-Ra-El means 3 deities in one "Isis, Ra, El." Israel

"The secret is in the language"