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They were dating but they are now broken up.

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Q: Did Gregory Helms and Velvet Sky have a baby?
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Are Gregory Helms and Velvet Sky still french kissing?

Who?! Well whoever they are, i Highly doubt it!

Who is velvet sky dating?

She and Gregory Helms are getting married soon they are not sure on the date The above answer is very incorrect! She and Helms broke up three years ago, he is dating a girl named Karen and they just had a baby last month.

Is Velvet Sky a lesbian?

No, Velvet Sky is not a lesbian, she has been dating former WWE superstar Shane Helms aka The Hurricane for quite some time now and she also marrying Shane Helms No she is not a lesbian, and she is not marrying shane. they broke up.

Is Shane helms dating anyone?

Shane Helms is dating TNA Knockout Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr).

Has Velvet Sky had a baby?


Does jeff hardy and velvet sky go together?

No they never dated !! and no they are not married. Jeff is married to Beth for a year now and they were together for 12 years before their marriage!! Velvet Sky dated Shane Helms and Velvet has no kids.

Which WWE superstars are seeing each other?

The Miz is dating Maryse, HHH and Stephanie are married, Mickie James and Cena have dated on/off currently off. Gregory Helms is dating Velvet Sky from TNA, and Maria is dating one of the cameramen from Smackdown

Is Velvet Sky engaged?

No, Velvet Sky is not engaged.

How tall is velvet sky?

Velvet Sky is 5'6

Is velvet sky single?

yes Not anymore she was dating WWE star Shane Helms aka The Hurricane, now shes dating Triple' A wrestler El Zorro.

Is velvet sky married or single?

Velvet Sky is In A Relationship With Chris Sabin

Are Angelina Love and Velvet Sky lesbians?

No, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are not lesbians.