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Yes, Helen Keller attended the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, Massachusetts before moving on to attend Radcliffe College, which is now part of Harvard University.

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No her mom hired a teacher

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Q: Did Hellen Keller go to school where?
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Where did hellen go to college?

Hellen Keller went to Radcliffe College (BA)

What is Hellen Keller's occupation?

Hellen Keller is a/an Author political activist lecturer

When is Hellen Keller's birthday?

Hellen Keller was born on June 27, 1880

Did Hellen Keller go to college?

yes but her name is spelled Helen Keller with one L

What collige hellen Keller go to?

She went to Radcliffe College. She gradated in 1904.

What is the title of hellen keller's auto biography?

The title of Helen Keller's autobiography is "The Story of My Life."

What were the interests of Hellen Keller?


Did hellen Keller visit India?


Did hellen Keller have children?

no she died

Hellen Keller where did she live?

in my house

who was hellen keller?

Anne Sullivan

Was Helen Keller 's really name Adam Keller?

No. It was Hellen Adams Keller.