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What nationality are people from the Antarctic?

There are no native peoples or nations on Antarctica.

Where did first nations people come from?

I hope you mean "Where did First Nations People come from?" or something similar? The First Nations people are referred by that name in Canada. In the U.S. they are called "American Indians", or "Native Americans". In Alaska they are called Native Alaskans as opposed to non-Native Americans who are just Alaskan natives.

What was Henry hudsons perspective f the first nations?

Henry Hudson thought that the first nations where good people and it helped him in many ways.

What native americain people did Henry Hudson meet?

the gay ones with unicorn and they were named lugo

Are the nomadic people native Americans?

Some native nations were nomadic but not all. Here is a link that identifies some of the nations you would be looking for. http://www.legendsofamerica.com/NA-TribeSummary.html

What people did Leif Erikson see on his journey?

The Native Americans (First Nations).

How did Henrey Hudson effect the natives?

Henry Hudson initially encountered Native American tribes while navigating the Hudson. The tribes were not violent and traded furs to them. When, Hudson returned to Europe and the quality of the furs were observed several ships sailed back to America. Contact with the Europeans was detrimental to the native people, since they had no resistance to the disease the settlers brought.

Who are the First Nations?

The people of the "First Nations" are those who are descended from the Native Americans - those who lived in America before the Europeans arrived.

Who were the people that went through the trail of tears?

The Native American nations of the Cherokee , Muscogee (Creek) , Seminole , Chickasaw , and Choctaw nations .

Is the Sioux tribe Asian?

No.The Sioux are a Native American and First Nations people

What happened during Marco polos expedition?

they committed mutiny and all of the people who were with him still got shipped off the boat and had no oars (in Hudson bay)

Did leif ericson meet native people?

Yes, he met American Indians (First Nations).

Can you put Sioux in a sentence?

The Sioux are Native American and First Nations people in North America.

What do canadians call native people?

The very modern (only since the 1970s) and politically correct but legally dubious term is First Nations.This only refers to native people who are notInuit (Eskimo) or Metis (mixed-blood peoples). The term First Nations has no legal definition so many native people refuse to use it, referring to themselves as Haida, Tlingit and so on.

What did martin frobisher john Davis and Henry Hudson have to do with first nations people?

well, it for sure says in any social textbook with the topic, or google it.

Why are First Nations called 'First Nations'?

"First Nations" is a term used in Canada to refer to the remaining native populations, those called "Native Americans" in the US. They were actually also the first people to come and settle here. "first Nations" The term "First Nations" is used because these people are now treated as members of "nations," somewhat similarly to the status of Anglophone and Francophone peoples descended from Europeans, and because they represent those who were on the land "first" - before the European migration to America.

Why was Sacagawea not liked?

people thought it was not right for a native girl to guide men on an expedition Tanner: Awesome cool nice fun talented

What was Henry hudsons son named?

Henry Hudson had three sons:Jhon, Richard and Oliver. Jhon went with his father on an expedition and got kicked off the ship in Hudson bay. the oral history of the Cree records say that Henry died and the woodland people adopted his son

What explorer first claimed land in the Americas for the dutch?

henery hudson went on adventures and found the indies as native americans and told the news to the people of the Dutch

What places did Henry Hudson name?

henry hudson didn't name it, people just named it after him cause he sailed on it first. - hudson river - hudson strait - hudson bay

Who were the early native people of Poland?

the native people were the native people from germany

What impact did the American revolution have on native Americans?

The American revolution was catastrophic to the Native American nations that were caught in the middle. They lost land, crops, and people as the two countries fought each other.

Can you fish in the Hudson river?

Yes, many people fish in the Hudson River.

Number of people was on the Lewis and clark expedition?

there was 32 people on the Lewis and Clark expedition (including the dog)

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