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No, Rugby was not around then.

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Q: Did Henry VIII play rugby
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Did Henry VIII play football?


Did Henry VIII play golf?


What did King Henry VIII do with the baby girls?

Play with them!

Who wrote the play King Henry VIII?


Which play burnt down the globe theatre?

Henry VIII.

What shakespeare play is for goodness sake included?

Henry VIII

What wife did Henry VIII play tennis with their head?


Did Henry VIII ask Shakespeare to write a play about him?

Henry VIII died quite a long time before Shakespeare was born, so he couldn't have asked Shakespeare anything. In fact, at the time Shakespeare wrote Henry VIII everyone in the play, including Elizabeth I, was dead.

What role did religion play in Henry VIII court?

Power politics

Who was the father of queen Elisabeth 1?

King Henry VIII. Her mother was Queen Anne Boleyn.

What spot did Henry viii play at Hampton court palace?

it was tennis or badminton

What play was being performed when the Globe theatre burned?

King Henry VIII