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Macareia (by Deianeira); also the goddess of blessed death.
Eucleia (by Myrto); the goddess of glory and good repute.
Agamedas? (Unknown mother; a daughter of Macaria, that gave to name to a place of Lesbos .)

Why was Hercules a hero?

His heroic deeds and actions have, through the years, been adaptedand expanded to fit many different social and political agendas.Hercules was described as brave, strong, loyal, compassionate, andhard-working.

What did Hercules do?

Hercules did many things, but he is best known for killing his family (Hera made him do it), and doing the twelve labors.

What is Hercules' about?

It was about a powerful person who had to do 12 labors to marry his woman and stop evil once and for all.

Why was constellation Hercules named Hercules?

At the end of the Hercules myth Hercules gets poisoned by his wife on accident, Zues was all like "ah crap", and so he was like son come and be a god and a constellation. I think this is right, im not 100%

Who did Hercules marry?

Hercules married four times, to Megara, Omphale, Deianira and, after being made into a god, the goddess Hebe.

When did Hercules live?

Hercules really existed,despite the fact that he is known as amythological figure.He lived in the 13 B.C.He was an unbelievablystrong but also very clever man who managed not only to fightsuccessfully against wild animals but also humiliate many arrogantkings and conquer their kingdoms with the help ( Full Answer )

Who did Hercules fight?

Cerberus and Nessus were some of the evil doers that he fought. His main battle was one with Hates, the God of Hell and Death. On his 12 Labours,he fought and killed the Nemean Lion, Lernaean Hydra, Stymphalian Birds, various centaurs, Augeas, Geryon, Amazonians,and Antaeus. There are of course many ( Full Answer )

Where did Hercules come from?

Hercules was from Greece. His father was Zeus and his mother was amortal Greek woman, whom he fell in love with, named Alcmene.

Who were Hercules sons?

His children are: . Antileon . Hippeus . Threpsippas . Eumedes . Creon . •. •. •. •.

Who is Hercules mom?

Alcmene is Hercules' mother and his mother in Hercules is herea who really despised him very much Alcmene was Heracles(hare-uh ca-lees and half brother of Hercules)Mother but Hera was Hercules's mother

What is Hercules destiny?

his destiny is to complete the twelve labors because Hera(greek goddess of females) put a curse on Hercules and made him kill his own wife and baby(when he was asleep).

Who was Hercule Poirot?

He was a fictional Belgian detective, created by crime novelist Agatha Christie. He featured in 33 novels and 51 short stories published between 1920 and 1975. Hercule Poirot features as a character in numerous film, television and theatrical adaptations of Agatha Christie's work.

What is the story of Hercules?

The legend of Hercules is a story about Greek gods. Hercules is Zeus's son, and Hercules' uncle is Hades. Hades doesn't like Hercules, so he tries to destroy him in a bunch of different ways. If you want the whole story, ask 'What did Hercules do?'

Where is Hercules from?

Mt. Olympus . Hercules is actually not from Mount Olympus - Heracles is. Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek Heracles. Heracles was born in Thebes, and I do not know where Hercules was born.

Who created Hercules?

Hercules was created as a ancient folk hero of Greece. In short, no one can say for sure.

Does Hercules have a daughter?

Yes. Macareia (by Deianeira); also the goddess of blessed death. Eucleia (by Myrto); the goddess of glory and good repute. Agamedas? (Unknown mother; also daughter of Macaria, that gave to name to a place of Lesbos .)

Can Hercules fly?

well no one can fly but if he were to go on a plane then yes he can. Hercules couldn't fly but he was gifted with a pair of winged sandals allowing him to fly for a short amount of time.

Who was the son of Hercules?

He had two sons. Telephus is the son that he had with Auge and Hyllus is the son that he had with Deianeira.

What was Hercules' personality?

Hercules was valiant, brave and courageous. He enjoyed adventure and was almost fearless to the point of total arrogance. He had great self-confidence but this could ail him at times. He was also moody and had outbursts of anger that sometimes led him to kill innocents.

How do you get Hercules to move?

You have to get all five items and then give them to Zeus then Hercules will believe you and follow you to the underworld and the underwater cave and he will smash the rock and the covering and the rock blocking the Mount Olympus gate when you head in Medusa appears and Hercules freezes to rock

Is Hercules a moral in the series Hercules?

Do you mean Amoral- like not moral? well high strangeness. In the TV cartoon that was popular in the sixties- Hercules was married to Hera, who was a super-attractive Blonde. No problems . They had a child ( or pet) however that was half-human. It was not quite clear if this character was their chil ( Full Answer )

How do you get Hercules on Poptropica?

after Zeus takes all 5 items from you Athena tells you to go try to get Hercules again so he actually comes with you You have to complete everything else in the quest before you can get him! it is quite simple, all you have to do is get the five sacred items, and then go to Athena and Zeus will ( Full Answer )

How do you get Hercules' help?

When you get all the items, Zeus will steal them and then ask Hercules. But make sure you have the mirror Aphrodite gives you in Posideon's palace because he won't walk!

Who is Hercules in Poptropica?

Hercules is Zeus's son and Athena's brother Hercules is who helps you in mythology island

How do you get Hercules?

Oh this is awkward, so when a God (Zeus) and a mortal woman fall in love or just lust. They being consenting adults and gods have sexual intercourse and the result could be a demigod in this case they named him Hercules. Be warned if you try to have a child by a god there immortal spouses usually ( Full Answer )

When was Hercules created?

nobody knows the actual year but he was created in ancient Greece so between the 8th and 6th centuries bc

Why is Hercules dead?

Deianeira, Hercules' wife, made him a shirt spread with the blood of a centaur whom Hercules had slain with an arrow. Before he died, the centaur gave his blood to Deianeira with the false promise that it would keep Hercules faithful to her. Deianeira, suspecting Hercules was in love with another wo ( Full Answer )

Is Hercules dead?

None of the Greek or Roman Gods were real they were just Myths at the time people believed they were real but they're not. If he did exist, he is most certainly dead, but according to myth, Heracles was made immortal and was the god of strength (supplanting Kreos).

Who were the Fates in Hercules?

The Fates are the three goddesses that determine destiny. In the Disney movie 'Hercules' they are shown sharing one eye among them. That is wrong. The three Grey sisters shared one eye and one tooth among them, not the three Fates.

What is a Hercules Atom?

A Hercules Atom bicycle is a bicycle with Turbo Drive, importeddual suspension, masculine frame, flying fenders, V-brakes and anintegrated carrier.

What did Hercules do in the myth?

Hercules means glory of hera to appease hera because he was the son of one of many of Zeus affairs. Hera cause much trouble to Hercules making him kill his family n stuff he was condemned to horrible tasks and deed to make his rights wrong in the end he was killed i believe by his new wife who thoug ( Full Answer )

Where can you find Hercules?

The constellation Hercules is just south of the head of Draco, between Lyra on one side and Corona Borealis and Bootes on the other.

What were the tasks of Hercules?

These are the 12 tasks or Hercules: . Slay the Nemean Lion . Slay the nine-headed Lernean Hydra . Capture the Golden Hind of Artemis. . Capture the Erymanthian Boar. . Clean the Augean stables in a single day. . Slay the Stymphaian Birds. . Capture the Cretan Bull . Steal the Maren of Diomed ( Full Answer )

What was Hercules journey?

Hercules had to complete twelve labors to make up for killing hiswife and children. He was made mad by Hera when he killed them.

Who is Amphitryon to Hercules?

Amphitryon was the foster father of Hercules.Zeus tricked his mother into thinking Zeus was Amphitryon.

What was Hercules prophecy?

In 18 years, precisely, the planets will align ever so nicely the time to act will be at hand, unleash the titans, your monstrous band then the once proud zeus will finally fall, and you, haides, will rule all! a word of caution to this tale should hercules fight, you will fail

What was Hercules responsibilities?

Driven mad by Hera,Hercules slew his own children. To expiate the crime, Heracles was required to carry out ten labors set by his archenemy, Eurystheus, who had become king in Heracles' place. If he succeeded, he would be purified of his sin and, as myth says, he would be granted immortality. Hercul ( Full Answer )

Who are Hercules sibings?

He had a half-brother named Iphicles from his mother, Alcmene. However, all his half-siblings by his father, Zeus, are innumerable to list.

What powers does Hercules have?

He had immortality, super strength, the ability to never become fatigued and the ability to be resurrected if he is utterly obliterated.

Who invented Hercules?

Hercules - or more properly Herakles - was not invented, but grew in folk lore to become the most popular and widely worshipped of the Greek heroes. The name means Glory of Hera, and comes from the earlier and darker days of Greek religion, before the institution of Zeus as the most important god in ( Full Answer )

Why was Hercules importanat?

Heracles represented the taming of the wilds by civilized men. Most of his labors involved the slaying or taming of legendary wild creatures and monsters.

What is Hercules' story?

hercules was born on the day 1916 when a giant unicorn was born. Whe hercules was on one of his adventures, he came upon the giant unicorn. He took it home with him and named it hercules jr.

Why is the constellation Hercules named Hercules?

At the end of the Hercules myth Hercules gets poisoned by his wife on accident, Zues was all like "ah crap", and so he was like son come and be a god and a constellation. I think this is right, im not 100%.

Where was Hercules buried?

Supposedly, Hercules was buried in Cadiz which is located inSpain. . But according to Greek legend, "Heracles" as he was called, madea funeral pyre in his dying moments and once he lay himself on itPoeas (father of Philoctetes) set his body ablaze.

Is Hercules a planet?

Hercules is a constellation - a group of stars, visible in Apriland May. It is not really a group of stars, it just looks like agroup as seen from the Earth. Many will be close, others will bedistant.

What is Hercules technology?

Hercules Technology is a finance company. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and was founded in 2003.

Is Hercules a superhero and why?

"Superhero" is a relatively recent coinage. The ancient Greeksconsidered the mythological Herakles both a hero and a demigod, butdidn't really have a word for "superhero". Both DC and Marvel have a character named "Hercules." Both of themwould probably qualify (the DC one was apparently at least so ( Full Answer )

Where was Hercules' hangout?

hercules used to hang out at the gym, why do you think he was so huge. other hangouts included health food stores where he bought protein supplements, the essendon football club where he gets his steroids from james hird, and in shady alleys to find drug dealers. (where do you think he had all those ( Full Answer )