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Adolf Hitler

Did Hitler believe in black magic?

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He claimed to believe in 'providence'.

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Did Hitler believe in the necronomicon?

As far as I know, Hitler and the Nazi party did believe in black magic to some extent from what I've heard. Obviously this sort of thing isn't really taught in high school. I don't really know anything much further then that, and I don't know if any of the black magic stuff was Necronomicon material. All I really know is that the black magic they wanted were to use to help Hitler in his ways. Such as by defeating enemies and etc. It is hard to believe if it was true or not.

Is it true that Adolf Hitler used a black magic?


Why do you believe in black magic?

It's because I love Black XD

Why is tortoise used in black magic in india?

The tortoise is used as black magic in India because the people believe it posses supernatural powers.

Does black magic go with witchcraft?

Some witches do believe in practicing "black" magic but its important to know one thing; stealing a quote from the movie The Craft, "Magic is neither black nor white, magic is both because nature is both." Black magic is in the eyes of the beholder but not all witchcraft and spellcraft is BLACK.

Does Cyril Takayama uses black magic?

Yes, in fact, some of his tricks uses black magic, and some do not. Believe or not folks. Cyril Takayama uses black magic... Usually, the people who practice the spiritual craft of Magic (Black or White, Wiccan or Satanic), do not "Perform Magic" to amuse other people. But that does not mean those who perform magic do not know the real magic.

Song titles with the word magic?

Magic Man - Heart Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf Do You Believe in Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful Puff, the Magic Dragon - The Mamas and the Papas This Magic Moment - Ben E. King, also recored by Lou Reed Black Magic Woman - Santana That Old Black Magic - Glenn Miller

Where did black magic firststart?

As long as there has been good, there has been evil. Since a spell can be crafted by anyone for any purpose, the purpose could either be good or evil. Black magic has existed forever, though you can't believe that all magic is black.

What is use of tortoise in black magic in India?

the use of tortise in india is for getting a lot of money doing black magic on it where the tortoise spills out money from its mouth.... hard to believe but its truee

How do you remove black magic placed on you?

How do you remove black magic placed on you well let me start off saying that black magic or black art spells is a form of negative energy as far as how to remove black magic spells that has been cast on you well first you will need to think positive things about your self and believe in your self and believe that good will over come evil, Now second you will need to do a little meditation and focus on positive things that you have done in your life and then move on doing good things in your life like donating what that does is build up positive karma which then reflects and removes the black magic/negative energy that was cast onyou.But if you are into the craft then you can use magic/rituals to deal with the the black magic that was cast on you but if you are not into the craft then you will have to do whats above.

How can you save yourself from the symptoms of black magic?

Simply do not believe in it. It is difficult to understand how in a modern world, driven by science and technology, that anyone can still believe in occult magic. Magic, as in spells and curses, potions and wands, is fantasy; it is not real. The "affects" or "symptoms" that some might feel who believe they are victims of black magic, typically experience such as a matter of psychosomatic manifestation. If there is no belief, there is no affect. Combat ignorance with knowledge and understanding. Become educated.

What black and white childrens tv show had a character who said pluck your magic plinger?

I believe it was "Plunk your magic plinger, Froggie." Not 'pluck'. And I believe Buffalo Bob said it on the Howdy Doody show.

Can you get freedom from black magic?

No. Black or white, Magic is magic, the same rules apply. What you send forth, comes back to you. If you think that you are affected by black magic, there are three things you could do. Protect yourself, Break the black magic and Do good to the world. You could do meditation when your mind it at peace. Meditation is a good thing, but it wouldn't directly save you if you believe that you are affected by someone's black magic. Ask a religious person of your religion about how to protect yourself from that black magic. If you are a Pagan, you could do yourself a cleansing ritual and a protection spell. According to both Wicca and Buddhism, if you Harm None and Spread Loving-Kindness to the whole world, no black magic can harm you.

Is black magic good?

Black magic is not considered good. Black magic is a loose term for magic that is selfish and that will purposely hurt others.

When did black magic start?

black magic started when it started :)

How can you weaken the intensity of hearing of the black magic spell put on you?

Easily. Just refuse to believe in such nonsense.

How do you get pooky on moshi monsters without being a member?

Black Magic + Purple Magic + Pink MoonBlack Magic + Yellow Magic + Blue MagicBlue Moon + Pink Magic + Black Magic Purple Moon + Red Magic + Purple Magic

What are songs with magic in the title?

1.Magic 2. Do You believe in Magic by Aly And Aj 3. Everything's magic by angels and airwaves 4. Black magic woman by santana 5. A kind of magic by Queen Every little thing she does is magic by police Dope Boy Magic Strange magic by electric light orchestra magic by cars

What does black magic mean on moshimonsters as a moshi flower?

A Black magic on moshi monsters is a black magic bean flower; so if you buy a magic bean flower and it growns into the colour black.

Black magic is performed by whom?

Black magic is performed by people mainly known as witches, black magicians or wizards. The actual people who perform black magic mainly do it for business, financial and power reasons. Most commonly people who are jealous or seeking revenge go to these black magicians to destroy or control other people's lives for personal gain. All magic except Illusion magic is black magic. This includes white magic, black magic, voodoo, hoodoo, hexes and curses to name a few.

Does Luna lovegood believe in magic?

She does magic!!

What is dangerous magic?

Black Magic.

Is magic for the devil?

no it is not but the black magic is.

How was black magic used in the 1600s?

Black magic wasn't used.

What is the difference between black magic and voodoo magic?

Well, black magic is bad magic, but voodoo can be both bad and good.

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