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No, he only thought he did. He lead Germany to the greatest disaster in its history.

Of course not. But he made a great effort to make people think he had all the answers.

According to the late former General Speidel, who worked very closely with Field Marshal Rommel, Rommel early on came to be attracted to Chancellor Hitler's leadership for three major accomplishments:

(1) Hitler UNIFIED the German people. [Without doubt, he did this on a scale never seen before or since, even incorporating all territories with ethnic German populations, such as East Prussia/Poland and Alsace-Lorraine.]

(2) Hitler ended UNEMPLOYMENT in a dramatic fashion: While 6 million had been unemployed in the year before Hitler took office, he very soon transformed the German economy such that there was a labor shortage!

(3) Hitler remedied the humiliation of the Versaille Treaty, quickly and thoroughly. A majority of the German populace undoubtedly supported this restoration of national sovereignty.


(1) United the Germans by forbidding dissent and terrorizing opponents.

(2) Remedied unemployment by massive rearmament and very little else.

(3) ' ... remedied the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty', but launched a war of aggression, and by May 1945 Germany was under foreign occupation and its reputation was mud.

Remedies? Pull the other one.

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How did Hitler use Jews as scapegoats for all of Germany's problems?

he blamed all of germanys prblems on them. and hte people listened since the jews already had a bad reputation

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All you have to do is type math answer worksheets, and you will get answers of math problems.

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How did Hitler stereotype the Jews?

Hitler made all Germans think that Jews were evil and that they were responsible about Germany's money problems.

Advice for a lawyer?

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How did Hitler make the Nazi party?

Hitler made the Nazi party by lying to all Germanys people that Jews were horrible and that they should be murdered. As soon as everyone believed him he made the Nazi party. By the time everyone saw that was wrong it was too late. Hitler had finished the Nazi party and no one could stop him

Why did Hitler decide to all kill the Jews?

Second answer: Hitler blamed the Jewish for all of the problems in Germany following World War I. basically because he did not know what else to do with them.

What was the four steps Hitler planed to kill all Jews?

While I'm not positive these are the commonly used answers, they do seem to be what was done. With a liberal dose of Blame (for any and all problems in Germany and the world, including even causing the problems they were experiencing on themselves), tossed in through all the steps. Identify. Isolate. Remove. Exterminate.

What did Hitler use the Jews and other parts of German society as?

Hitler used the Jews and other sections of society as scapegoats, blaming all the problems on them. To Germans at the time Hitler made sense, he united everyone by providing explanations for Germany's problems.

Hitler rose to germanys chancellorship in what year?

In 1933 Hitler became Chancellor as his party (the National Socialist German Workers Party) was the biggest in the Reichstag and all the other Chancellors appointed by President Hindenburg had failed. In 1934 President Hindenburg died and Hitler added the power of President to the power he already had as Chancellor, making himself the Fuhrer.

Why did hitler hate on the Jews?

Nazi philosophy said that Jews were the cause of all problems in Germany.

Did Adolf Hitler have health problems?

yes, he had a mental disease. that's why he killed all the jews.

Did Hitler have a reason to kill the Jews?

No, he blamed them for Germany's problems. So he wanted them all killed.

How did the Jews influence Hitler?

Hitler did not understand the Jews or know any Jews, so he was terrified of the Jews, which caused him to hate them and scapegoat them for all of the problems in the word.

Why did Hitler think the Jews were responsible for the economic problems of Germany?

Hitler was extremely ignorant about economics and he chose to believe that the Jews were responsible for all Germany's woes.

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Why do all you answers people always not have good answers?

because this is a site to be free and reply to any others problems and needs what do you expect?

For what reason did Hitler capture and take Jews to concentration camps?

Hitler believed Jews were inferior and threatened Germany's great existence. He believed that Germany lost WWI because of the Jews and blamed them for Germanys economic trouble. Hitler's aim was to place all Jews into concentrated ares such as camps to segregate them from the German public and eventually kill them all.

Why did Hitler ordered so many Jewish to be killed?

he was crazy. he felt that they were the cause of all the worlds problems

Why were Jews selected by Hitler for genocide?

Because he hated Jews since he blamed them for all of Germany's problems.

What all problems led to world war 2?

Hitler wanted power and decided to kill people to get it....

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