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Did Hitler like Bruckner's music?


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November 04, 2007 10:21PM

Simply the answer is yes because uncomfortable as it may sound, Hitler had an extensive art collection and under the auspicies of the NSDAP Bruckner`s music, in particular, his symphonies were actively promoted. It was during the 1930s under Hitler that serious academic study was undertaken to determine authentic performing editions. Until this time the symphonies were corrupted by well-intentioned students that tried to "Wagnerise" the symphonies by making extensive cuts and in some cases, adding their own music. The appeal of Bruckner to the NSDAP was a ready one as Bruckner was a country fellow with a rural aspect to his nature that the proganda of Nazi Germany was all too willing to use for their own purposes. Strangely, Bruckner`s music has not been associated with the Nazis ideals to its detrement as had been the case with the music-dramas of Wagner. Whether this has more to do with Wagner`s anti-semetic writings remains to be answered. Bruckner had no such known opinions but he did regard Wagner`s music as pure genius. The coda to the 2nd movement of Bruckner`s 7th symphony is a farewell to his beloved meister.