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he is not like Hitler its called racism

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every major political figure since the time of Hitler has been compared to Hitler. It is only appropriate to compare any major politician to Hitler. duh

Probably, he'd still have Lenin and Marx to compare Obama to.

Hitler was a politician. Obama is a politician. Being a politician is about the only way in which they can be said to be alike!

both are murderers of innocent people

Adolph Hitler died years before Barak Obama was even born.

Barack was not born when Hitler died.

because he doesn't like fat people. Plus, hes married to obama. hitler likes cheese

you can't compare King and Obama. they are incomparable. you are comparing an apple to an orange. compare Obama with Regan and King with Gandhi.

Mussolini, Chavez, Hitler, Obama

there is no compersion obama is better

I think so. I study WW II, and if you look at the rallies of Hitler and then look at Obama's people they have the same cult mentality.

you could say that they are manipulative, controlling, "call the shots" in most situations, intimidating.. etc. Compare Hitler to Obama.. youd be amazed with what they have in common!

AnswerStalin was one of the biggest mass murderers in history - killing millions upon millions of people. To compare Barack Obama to him is extremely disgraceful and inappropriate.

In an election Hitler would win using force, in a fight Hitler would also win.......

They are not really alike in any way.

I think so because that is exactly how Hitler did what he did.

comparing and contrasting FDR and Obama on unemploymen

All Mussolin, Hitler and Stalin governments were dictatorial governments.

He is systematically murdering civilians in Israel occupied Gaza.

hitler killed the go compare man because he was annoying evreyone in the world.

He hails the USSR as a peace-loving country, but depicts hitler as a treacherous friend. _APEX

pretty close between Hitler, Stalin and Obama

Hitler killed 26,400,000 of Soviet people. Napoleon, due to sizes of population of his times, killed a bit less. But he was an invader to Russia, the first before Hitler, in modern history.

I don't know... would people be offended if you wear a Hitler costume or Osama Bin Laden or Sadaam Hussain? That's who many people compare him to