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Did Hitler like kids?

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YES! Its hard to believe but he did enjoy kids. In most of the pictures i have seen Hitler has been with little girls, Little boys, or a baby.

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Did Hitler kill his kids?

Hitler didn't have any kids Hitler didn't have any kids

Did adlof Hitler have children?

No Hitler did not have any children. People are to think that if he did he would just do the same to the kids as he did to the Jews or treat them like slaves . That is a wrong thing to do. no Hitler did not have kids

Did adolf Hitler had any kids?

No, Hitler had no kids.

Did Adolf Hitler have any kids?

No Adolf Hitler did NOT have any kids!

What was Hitler like as a kid?

Hitler was always a bad person, no matter what you hear. He used to like to be with kids, until he turned 18. It was that year that Hitler got the idea to take over the world

WHo were Hitlers kids?

Hitler did not have kids.

Did Hitler have kids and what are their names?

Hitler had no children.

Who did Hitler send to concentration camps?

Hitler sent everybody but people that had issues like mental problems and thing like that he killed immediately also kids under 13 kids under that age were considered useless brats.

How did Hitlers kids die?

Hitler had no kids.

Adolf Hitler have kids?

No, Hitler didn't have children.

Did Hitler have kinds?

Hitler had no kids - Thank God!

Where did Hitler get his kids?

Hitler didn't have any children.

Did Adolf Hitler have kides?

No, Hitler had no kids that are known of.

What did Adolf Hitler like?

he liked art and math dogs,his wife,kids and war

Why didn't Hitler want to have any kids?

Hitler had many kids. His wife's name was Eva Braun, and none of Hitler's family survived. When Hitler was being caught, he killed his children. Then, Hitler and Eva committed suicide together. Hitler never had any children, most likely because he did not like children very much.

Does Hitler have any kids?

No, Hitler never had any children.

Does Adolf Hitler has kids?

No, Hitler didn't have children but he did have a wife.

How did the kids of Hitler die?

Hitler never had any children.

What year did Hitler have kids?

Hitler never had any children.

How did Hitler Youth begin?

What can I say? Hitler liked kids :s

How many kids did Adolf Hitler?

Hitler never had any children.

What river did Hitler throw the kids in?

There is non documented evidence that Adolf Hitler did any such thing as throw kids into a river.

Did Hitler have any kids f?


Did Adolph Hitler adopt kids?


What did Hitler do to Jewish kids?

He killed them.