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The only groups persecute and exterminated on ethnic grounds (race) were:

  1. Jews.
  2. Romanies (gypsies).

Some other groups were treated badly on ehtnic ground, but not singled out for systematic exterminated, for example: Poles and Russians.

The following groups were persecuted on political grounds:

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Why did Adolf Hitler and the Nazis persecute Jewish Germans?

Also could be: He exploited German anti-Semitism to enable his genocidal plans.

How did Hitler commit ethnic cleansing?

no there not a answer

Who did Adolf Hitler plan to exterminate?

The Jews in all of the lands conquered by the NAZIs. And ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ All of the answers are correct!

Why did the axis powers want to exterminate any race or ethnic group?

Because they wanted a single race ruled world

What were the differences between Mussolini and Hitler?

Benito Mussolini was an Italian, Adolf Hitler was an ethnic German.

What ethnic group did Adolf Hitler use as a scapegoat?

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's problems.

Ethnic in a sentence?

The E.E.O.C. protects rights of people from different ethnic backgrounds. Hitler practiced ethnic cleansing. People from different ethnic backgrounds tend to have different cultures. Ethnic food is awesome.

Was Hitler really a German?

He was an ethnic German. Austrians are Germans ethnically.

Why did Hitler kill millions of innocent people?

He believed in the ethnic cleansing of the world

What region did Hitler demand to reunite 3 million ethnic Germans?

The Sudetenland

What reasons did Hitler give for ethnic cleansing?

Hitler wanted someone to blame for the finacial crisis in Germany, so sadly, he picked the Jews...

Why did Hitler occupy sudentland?

Although it was part of Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland was populated by ethnic Germans.

What was Hitlers Ethnic background?

Hitler was Dominican, white, black, Asian, and Puerto Rican.

Why Hitler did hate the Slavs?

The German and Slavic ethnic groups have, in general, thought poorly of each other for centuries. Hitler participated in that general distaste.

What three race or ethnic did the axis powers want to exterminate any?

I'm not quite sure what your asking but the Italians just like the Nazi's had many concentration camps established to exterminate Jews, Slavs, Croats and all others deemed by the Nazis and facist Italians to be inferior or enemies to the Axis Powers.

What was Hitler's foreign policy?

Hitler's foreign policy was to expand German soils, unite all German speaking people, to take over Russia, eliminate communism, rearmament and exterminate supposed inferiors such as the disabilitied, jews, and certain ethnic minorities. Hitler wanted the people of germany to be masters of europe and create a living space ie lebensirum. hitler wanted to spread nazism and return teritories which germany lost at versailles treaty.

In addition to the British what other ethnic group most influenced the founding of Canada?

The french.

Why did Adolph Hitler target groups?

Jews POWS Ethnic poles romani freemason Disabled people Mentally ill slovenes Jehovah's Witnesses Homosexuals Ethnic Slovenes slavs Ethnic surbs Negros Left Wing poloticians

What are the top 4 ethnic groups in Cairo Egypt?

The main ethnic groups in Cairo are ethnic Egyptians and Arabs. In addition, pure Nubians form one of the minority groups as does Berbers. There are also several smaller ethnic groups, including a small number of Jews in Cairo.

If Adolf Hitler was not German what was he?

Hitler was an Austrian, Austrians are ethnic Germans, that's why Hitler unified Germany and austria, even in 1871 the imperial Germans wanted t unify with austria, but austria had a dual monarchy with Hungary at the time

Did Hitler kill more Jews than other ethnic groups?

Yes, he focused his killing mostly on Jews.

Who were the other ethnic groups that Hilter killed?

Hitler killed several kinds of Jews, including Polish Jews and German Jews. Hitler also killed Germans who were sympathetic to Jews.

Why did Hitler hated Jews and wanted to get rid of them?

Hitler basically hated the Jews because they were the largest non-German ethnic minority in Central Europe at that time. Hitler wanted a pure Germany (and Europe) without any "parasites". -J.A.R.

Why do you still learn about Hitler?

Hitler is possibly the most evil person ever to come to international prominence. Although not everything he did was evil, he started a war that killed an incalculable number of people and destroyed cities and countries, spread hatred, unbelievable cruelty, and even tried to totally exterminate an entire ethnic group, and completely subjugate and enslave others. To forget that this had happened or, pretend that it did not happen, would be criminal. If we do not learn from the past, we are doomed. For better or for worse, the world would be an entirely different place had Hitler not been born. No one individual has ever had that sort of impact on the world.

Can you give me a paragraph with this words culture ethnic group dialect democracy dictorship?

i know what culture is. i am studing ethnic groups. i don't know what dialect means. we have a democracy. Hitler was a dictatorship. hope this helps!!!