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Hitler tried to conquer everything. So yes.

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Did Hitler take over eastern Europe or western Europe?

eastern Europe

Why did imdependent nation states develop later in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe?

Independent nation states developed later in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe because Eastern Europe had little history of self-rule. It had been conquered by Hitler, then the Soviet Union.

Why did Hitler want to conquer Britain?

He wanted to conquer all of Europe

Which nation was resisting hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe?

Great Britain was the only country resisting Hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe.

When did Hitler conquer Poland?

Germany conquered western and central Poland in September 1939. On 17 September 1939 the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland.

How did Hitler conquer much of Europe so quickly?

he killed every one

How long did it take for Hitler to conquer Europe?

Hitler attempted to conquer Europe by sneaky invasions, but he never really conquered Europe. He invaded Poland and several other places by deceit and stealth but the European countries fought back much to Hitlers dismay.

What was hilter goal in the war?

to sought to conquer Europe then the whole free world and make the perfect race Hitler wanted to conquer Europe then the free world.......but he failed

How did Hitler conquer England?

Hitler did not 'conquer England'.

Why did Jews flee western Europe?

The Jews fled Eastern Europe because of the Holocaust; which was basically a genocide of Germans vs. Jews. Hitler and his Nazi army were killing most or all Jews; he influenced all of Western Europe to also do this. That's why the Jews fled Western Europe Hope that helps -Grade 10 History!

What did Hitler do after he failed to conquer Britain?

He concentrated his forces on the Eastern front and tried to subjugate Russia.

Why should the politicians of 1938 have realised Hitler wouldn't keep his promises at the Munich Conference?

Hitler had already made his plans to conquer Eastern Europe, and the politicians should've seen through Hitler's lies. Appeasement was clearly going to be a disaster from the start.

Who was the only nation resisting Hitler in Western Europe?

a place

What did Hitler have planned for eastern Europe?

His long-standing ambitions were to destroy Communism and the Jews and create a vast German empire in Eastern Europe.

What did Hitler term his program for land resettlement in Eastern Europe?


Why did Stalin want to contol Eastern Europe after World War 2?

To create a buffer zone between the U.S.S.R. and Western Europe, Napoleon attacked them from Paris and Hitler from Berlin, The Americans would have attacked from Western Europe, so the fight would have been in Poland or Romania instead of the USSR.

Why did Hitler plan to conquer the Soviet Union?

Hitler planed to conquer the Soviet Union to secure his eastern front so that he didn't have to worry about an attack from the USSR. Then he could then focus all of his troops on the western front against the main allies. ( USA, Great Britain, and French Resistance fighters) This would have been a great victory for the Germans!

Why is Eastern Europe less developed than Western Europe?

Eastern Europe is 'poorer' than western europe, during the war they were helpless and were taken over by Germany or the Soviets, with the fall of both empires countries taken by Hitler and Stalin suffered and were left to fend for themselves. The countries in the East have started to pick themselves up in the recent decades and they each support their neighbours,places like Azerbaijan are not as poor any more and it fact some of the more developed cities can be found in Eastern Europe.

What countries did Hitler conquer in Europe?

Austria Hungary Poland Czechoslovakia Denmark Holland Belgium France

Did Hitler conquer Ukraine?

The most of the battles during the WWII were on the territory of Ukraine, for these times Ukraine was not as a country, it was a part of USSR. So Hitler did not conquer Ukraine officially, but some Western parts were under the SS control.

Why Adolf Hitler want to invade Europe?

Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Europe so that essentially he could take over the world. Once Europe is completely controlled by him he could move out in all directions to conquer the globe.

How did Britain get involved in World War 2?

Hitler was attempting to conquer all of Europe. England was the last "holdout".

Who tried to conquer Europe?

I guess you could say Adolf Hitler but many think he had his eyes on world domination

Was Hitler planning to invade America?

Eventually yes but but he wanted to conquer all of Europe he had Japan attack the US

What was the only nation resisting Hitler in western Europe in 1940?

Great Britain

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