Did Jimmy play football on Degrassi?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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jimmy did not play football on degrassi. he played Basketball.

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Q: Did Jimmy play football on Degrassi?
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Who did drake play the role of in degrassi?

Jimmy Brookes

When will jimmy come back to Degrassi?

Sadly, Jimmy has been at Degrassi for a long time and needs to move on to colledge.

Does libarty return to degrassi?

no only to play in the alumni football game. she is in college with manny and Emma

When did jimmy first appear on degrassi?

Jimmy Brooks first appeared in the third episode of season 1 of degrassi as an eighth grader.

Why was jimmy from degrassi in a wheelchair?

He was Shot And paralyzed

When was jimmy from degrassi born?


What does jimmy from degrassi do now?

he is drake the rapper

Who is the wheel chair boy in degrassi?

jimmy not just jimmy he is drake the rapper. Aubrey Graham. visit my site for all the episodes of degrassi. soon coming on it degrassi goes hollywood. -KingJames97

Who did jimmy briscoe play football for?

Sheffield Wednesday 1946

What was the name of drake on degrassi?

Rick, one of Terri's ex-boyfriends, who abused her, and was shunned by other students at Degrassi. He shot Jimmy, who is portrayed by Aubrey Graham (Drake).

Did Drake portray Jimmy on Degrassi?

yes infact he is.

What is jimmy's real name from degrassi?

The actor who plays Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi is Aubrey "Drake" Graham.