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Did John Quincy Adams own slaves?


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No, he actually was one of those who condemned slavery.

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none. neither him nor his father ,John Adams, own any slaves

John Adams did not own any slaves.

No, not at all. John Adams actually provided John Quincy with the knowledge to be who he was. John took John Quincy with him during many political excursions and John Quincy gained a great knowledge. Although they both had their own views, the two respected each other. In essence, John Quincy did look up to his father as a great man.

List: - John Adams - Sam Adams - Alexander Hamilton - Thomas Paine

No, the only president to own alligators, or at least was known to, was John Quincy Adams.

This is all the "Trivia" I could find on J.Q.A.:John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy Adams (1825-29), the sixth President,customarily took a nude early morning swim in thePotomac River. He refused requests to be interviewedby a woman reporter, which he thought was beneaththe office of President. She got him to talk to herby sitting on his clothes and refusing to budgeuntil he did.Source: wife, Louisa Catherine Johnson, was the onlyforeign first lady.John Quincy Adams was a second cousin once removed ofSamuel Adams and a third cousin once removed to his ownmother, Abigail Smith Adams.John Quincy Adams was the only president to be electedto the House of Representatives after serving asPresident.Adams argued before the Supreme Court on behalf ofslaves from the ship Amistad who mutinied duringtheir journey from Africa.John Quincy Adams owned a pet alligator which hekept in the East Room of the White House.Adams had the first pool table installed in theWhite House.John Quincy Adams was the only president to name ason George Washington.Adams was the first president to be photographed.John Quincy Adams's favorite foods were beef andpretzels.He kept silkworms as pets.He was named after his great-grandfather John Quincy,Speaker of the Massachusetts Assembly, member of theGoverner's council, and militia officer.

The second president, John Adams, was not a slave-owner.

John Adams rationale consisted of republicanism and a supporter of the independence of Great Britain from America. He opposed the idea of slavery and made it his lifelong goal to not own slaves.

No Adams never bought a slave and declined on principle to employ slave labor. Abigail Adams opposed slavery and employed free blacks in preference to her father's two domestic slaves.

John Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth President of the United States, became President on March 4, 1825, and exited the job on March 4, 1829, having been defeated in the 1828 election by his successor Andrew Jackson. Adams was one of three Presidents who did not attend the inauguration of his successor of his own volition, the others being his father John Adams, and Andrew Johnson.

Of the Presidents who served before the civil war, most were slave-owners. John Adams, his son John Quincy Adams, Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce did not own slaves. James Buchanan purchased two slaves from his brother-in-law but immediately freed them. William Henry Harrison and Martin Van Buren had both owned slaves earlier in their lives, but (like Buchanan) did not own slaves during their presidencies. Of the Presidents serving after 1860, only two had been slaveowners. Andrew Johnson had owned slaves earlier in his life, as had Ulysses S. Grant, who is known to have owned at least one slave and who profited from the use of slaves belonging to his father-in-law.

I am asking the question, did john deere own slaves?

Jonathan Dayton argued that the terms of the Louisiana Purchase obliged the United States to respect the rights of the territorial inhabitants including their right to own slaves.three on both votes, with New Jersey Senator Jonathan Dayton voting with John QuincyAdams and Timothy Pickering against restricting slavery in the Louisianasthree on both votes, with New Jersey Senator Jonathan Dayton voting with John QuincyAdams and Timothy Pickering against restricting slavery in the Louisianasthree on both votes, with New Jersey Senator Jonathan Dayton voting with John QuincyAdams and Timothy Pickering against restricting slavery in the Louisianasthree on both votes, with New Jersey Senator Jonathan Dayton voting with John QuincyAdams and Timothy Pickering against restricting slavery in the LouisianasIn 1793 he voted for the fugitive slave law.

John Morton owned just a few slaves.

There are so many people in the world and each one has their own opinion, so some people enjoyed having him as a president and others didn't.

John Jay owned several slaves, even though he supported the anti-slavery movement. Ok, wtf! answer, if he supported the anti slaves, why the hell would he own slaves? Is he sick in the head?

Yes he did own slaves. Everyone that was wealthy at that time had slaves. Since he worked in congress and as a lawyer he was bound to make good money

Wife of John Adams, Abigail supported her husband during the Revolutionary War while raising their five children on her own in Massachusetts. She is well-known for her speaking out on behalf of women and slaves.

Yes because it said in the text that he did

I'm told he had sharecroppers on his property.

He has been honored on two US stamps- both were a part of two series of stamps that honored all of the president up to the time the stamps came out. He has not been given a special stamp of his own.

They had six children. One girl was stillborn, another girl died at the age of two. She only had one living girl, Abigail "Nabby" Adams. She did consider her daughter-in-law, widowed by her middle son Charles, to be her own daughter, she even lived with her until she died. They had three sons, the youngest Thomas, then Charles, then John Quincy Adams who later became president and was the only son to follow his father as president until George W. Bush.Daughter: Abigail Amelia Adams (b. 1765, d. 1813)Son: John Quincy Adams (U.S. President, b. 1767, d. 1848)Daughter: Susanna Adams (b. 1768, d. 1770)Son: Charles Adams (b. 1770, d. 1800)Son: Thomas Boylston Adams (b. 1772, d. 1832)susanelizabeth

John Adams, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Paine

John Adams is the main author of the Massachusetts Constitution, which all other 13 colonies based their own Constitution on.

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