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The 6th President of the United States from 1825 to 1829, he was the son of the 2nd US President.

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What is Quincy throat?

Quinsy is an abscess between the back of the tonsil and the wall of the throat. It's also known as a peritonsillar abscess. It happens when infection spreads from a swollen tonsil to the area around it, usually during a severe case of tonsillitis. The symptoms of quinsy are similar to tonsillitis and include: * a worsening sore throat, usually on one side, * fever, * difficulty opening the mouth * difficulty swallowing * drooling rather than swallowing your own saliva and...
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What presidents held elected office after their presidency ended?

John Quincy Adams was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1830, two years after losing the White House to Andrew Jackson. After completing Abraham Lincoln's second term in 1869, Andrew Johnson was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1875. ...
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How was John Adams important to the American Revoltion?

John Adams represented Mass. at the Continental Congress for three years, serving on the committee that wrote the Declaration of Independence . From 1778-1788 he served as a diplomat in Europe in Paris and Holland. He was important in drawing up the Treaty of Paris that ended the war, ...
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How much is a John Adams dollar coin worth?

It's an ordinary circulation coin, part of the Presidential Series. Four designs are being released each year, depicting the presidents in the order they served. Note that the coins are NOT gold, they're brass, and hundreds of millions of each are being made. They will not be worth more than $1 any time in the foreseeable future. The only exception would be if it's a proof coin in its mint packaging. Then it might retail for $1.50 to $2.00 ...
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How long did John Quincy Adams go to school?

He was home schooled until he was 11 and his father was sent to Europe as a diplomat. He went to schools in France and Holland for about 9 years and was also tutored by his father. Then he returned to Harvard where he graduated in two years. He read law at a lawyer's office until he could pass the bar exam. ...
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Did John Quincy Adams sign the constitution?

No- he was not an official delegate to the convention.
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Why was John Tyler unpopular?

John Tyler was associated with the Whig party when William Henry Harrison was still in office. After the death of Harrison, Tyler succeed him, becoming president, but in the midst of his presidentacy, he change his platform party, vetoing several bills proposed by the Whigs. ...
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Did John Adam have a nickname because of his weight?

He was called "His Rotundity" because of his round build ( short and rather heavy) and because he seemed to like formal titles. "His Rotundity" is a play on "His Excellency" ...
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What is a lesson to learn from John Adams?

One of the most important lessons we can learn, especially from John Adams, is that there were many, many wives like Abigail Adams who were completely responsible for their family's welfare, homes, farms, businesses and financial support while their husbands were engaged in the development of American government. They were invaluable advisors to their husbands, collected the political news for them and kept them informed through a system of letter writing, all while their husbands were away from home for long periods...
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What were John Adams' accomplishments as commander in chief?

As second President of the US, John Adams: dont report this, this is wrong u are gay fu your gay ...
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What major event happened in the year 1797 during John Adams's Presidency?

There are two major events of John Adams' presidency that took place in 1797. The first is a bit obvious, but I included it to be safe. John Adams was inaugurated on March 4, 1797. The XYZ incident started in 1797. ...
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How did John Quincy Adams like to swim?

He liked to swim naked in the Potomac. On one occasion somebody stole his clothes while he was swimming and he was in an embarrassing position. ...
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How many siblings did John Quincy Adams have?

John Quincy Adams had four siblings. His whole family consisted of 7; two parents, and four sisters and brothers ...
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Who were John Adams' children?

John and Abigail Adams had 5 children - three sons and two daughters , who were: Abigail Amelia "Nabby" Adams Smith (July 14,1765-Aug. 15 1813) John Quincy Adams ( July 11, 1767- Feb. 23, 1848) Susanna "Suky"Adams (Dec, 28, 1768- Feb. 4, 1770) Charles Adams (May 29, 1770- Nov. 30, 1800) Thomas Boylston Adams (Sept. 15, 1772- Mar. 13,1832) Elizabeth (July 11, 1777 - stillborn) What is John Walsh's childerns name ? ...
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What did John Quincy Adams think about the national bank?

He strongly supported the National bank, as he thought it would promote the American Economy and it could create a common currency among all states. ...
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Who were the father and son who were both Presidents of the United States of America?

John Adams - John Quincy Adams George Herbert Walker Bush - George Bush Jr. ...
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Did John Adams and Andrew Jackson get along well?

no they did get along well because John Adams put the red bull on Andrew Jackson and they never liked each other. they were always aggressive to each other and they did not be nice to each other they were mean and aggressive! ...
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What were some of John Adams civic virtue?

John Adams civic virtue was "Free society lives under the rule of law not the rule of man." ...
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How old was John Quincy Adams when he died?

President John Quincy Adams was 80 years old when he died.
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What is the value of a dollar signed by treasurer john w snow?

$1 Did you look at your pocket money and see how many $1 bills there are with his signature? John Snow was Treasury Secretary immediately before the current Secretary so these bills are among the most common ones in circulation. ...
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What was John Adams's middle name?

John Adams , the second president , did not have a middle name. His son, John Quincy Adams, obviously had the middle name of Quincy. ...
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What were John Quincy Adams major accomplishments?

President, created the navy and also was the first president son of another president ...
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Was Francis G Adams related to John Adams or John Q Adams?

Francis G Adams was related to neither John Adams or John Q adams but John Adams and John Q Adams are father and son father=John Adams son=John Q Adams ...