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Joseph McCarthy

Did Joseph McCarthy and arthur miller know each other?

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What did Joseph McCarthy do to Arthur Miller?

He made suspected communists get interviewed. If they could prove themselves innocent, they were freed. If not, they were sent to jail. Miller was called in and was asked to name other communists he knew of so that they could go after them too. Miller refused and was sentenced to jail. His sentence was eventually taken back. Miller and McCarthy did not personally know each other.

What crime was Arthur Miller convicted of?

Playwright, Arthur miller was interrogated by Senator McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the 1950's. While he was frank about meetings he had attended, he refused to answer questions about what other persons had attended meetings with him. The judge on the case ruled that since both questions were important to the Committee's investigation, Arthur Miller was guilty on both counts.

What other famous play did Arthur Miller write besides Death of a Salesman?

Other famous plays by Arthur Miller are: All My Sons, The Crucible and A View from the Bridge

What are two other things that Arthur Miller wrote?

One thing that Arthur Miller wrote is the famous play called, "Death of a Salesman". Another play that he wrote was, "The Crucible".

How is The Crucible by Arthur Miller different to all of arthur millers other plays?

cos hes too cool for school.

When did Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monreo get married?

YeS along with a few other people

Why didn't Marilyn Monroe and arthur miller relationship last?

Because she had affairs with other men.

Senator joseph McCarthy gained national prominence with his accusation that?

-that the State Department, and other agencies of government, were overrun with communists…

Who said we must all love each other now in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Mary warren.

What other well know play did Arthur Miller write?

A View from the Bridge. Death of a Salesman. The Crucible

Did arthur miller know his step daughter Nancy Maniscalco Miracle?

Yes, certainly see Arthur Miller Society events section for their mention of Nancy's play Here I am Mother the real story of Marilyn Monroe. And several other books documenting that Nancy is indeed the only daughter of Marilyn Monroe and was around both her mother and Arthur Miller as a child.

How is the holocaust and The Crucible by Arthur Miller different?

NO they both used scapegoats to blame other people for wrong doing.

What is the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller about?

The Salem trials. The whole town goes insane by blaming each other of witchcraft.

Why did John Steinbeck defend Arthur miller?

Yes, John Steinbeck defended Arthur Millers refusal in court to reveal the names of other alleged Communists. His defense can be read in Contemporary Moral Issues.

The director of the fbi who urged the us government to identify communists and other enemies of the us was?

While J. Edgar Hoover was the Director of the FBI during the McCarthy era, the actual person urging the US government to identify, prosecute, and persecute Communists and Socialists was Senator Joseph McCarthy.

What threat does Abigail make to the other girls in the book the crucible by arthur miller?

Abigail Williams threatens to come in the night and slit the girls' throats if they tell anyone about what happened in the forest.

According to Joseph McCarthy why were Americans still threatened after the victory in World War 2?

They were threatened because the other side would run them over with there scootrchairs. Also they were scared of there beans and big lips. They had huge stains!

Who Was Joesph McCarthy?

Joseph McCarthy was a US Senator from Wisconsin during the 1950s and a World War 2 veteran. He made a name for himself by claiming to find Communists throughout the US government and in other important segments of US society. In doing so he fed an unreasoning fear and hysteria that resulted in unjustified persecution of many people.

What is the other name of Joseph the Husband of Mary?


Who was the controversial chairman of several senate committees investigating communist influence on government education defense industries and other fields within the US?

Senator Joseph McCarthy began investigating Communist subversion in the United States in 1950. This action led to the Army-McCarthy Hearings in 1954. This activities and methods involved during this period would become known as McCarthyism.

What has the author WalterM Miller written?

WalterM Miller has written: 'Conditionally human and other stories'

What evidence did Joseph McCarthy present to prove that communists indise the US did more to spread communism around the world that Communists abroad?

He claimed to have a list of Communists and their actions, however this was never seen and neither was any other concrete evidence presented.

Who arranged the music for the introduction of Serenade In Blue by the Glenn Miller Orchestra?

Glenn Miller himself collaborated on the very moody introduction to the tune, using mathematical techniques he had learned from his teacher Dr. Joseph Schillinger. The other arrangers were Billy May and Bill Finegan. Finegan did most of the remainder of the score.

Who were the Puritans in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Puritans were a religious sect who came to the British colonies in America from Britain, in order to be able to practice their religion without interference from other religious groups. They tended toward extreme views.

Who has the main character in the King Arthur and the knights of the round table?

well obviously it was Arthur but there were other very strong other characters

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