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Did Juan Ponce De Leon have any pets?

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Nope No pets, but kids.

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Did Juan Ponce De Leon have any friends?

did ponce de leon had friends

Did ponce de leon have any children?

yes juan ponce de leon had 3 children he had 2 girls and 1 boys

Did Juan Ponce de Leon marry or have any kids?

yes he did get married and he did have kids

Did Vasco de gama have any friends?

he was friends with juan ponce de leon

Did Juan Ponce de Leon have any kids?

Yes. He was married to Leonor Ponce de Leon. They had four children named Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabell.

Where any places named after juan ponce de leon?

The Largest City In Seattle I Believe ..

Did Juan Ponce de Leon win any awards?

Ponce de León was named Governor of Puerto Rico in 1509

Did juan ponce de leon like any hobbies in his life?

he lked to sail and do things with christerpher columbus

What was Juan Ponce de leon goal?

Juan Ponce De Leon's goal was to find land and gold for Spain documents and letter he wrote him self don't say any thing about the fountain of youth

What was a unfavorable qualities for Juan ponce De Leon?

that he was a dope and had much violence against Indians i cant think of any more off the top of my head

Did Ponce de Leon have any siblings?

No he did not it's a fact

Which state did Juan Ponce de Leon land in?

He wasn't around the time the USA was established, therefore he did not land in any state. The place he landed is now known as Florida.

Was ponce de leon honored in any ways?

There is a Ponce de Leon Springs, a Ponce de Leon Hotel, he also named what he thought what was an island in the Bahamas Florida and it is still called Florida today. Hope this helps, lol I got a project on Ponce de Leon due tommorow O.o Somaan Ashraf Dar My initials spell S A D

Did Ponce De Leon have any parents?

yes he did his dad was Fray Luis

What present day country did ponce de leon found?

Ponce de Leon was one of the early European explorers of Florida, but he did not found any country, nor is he considered the founder of Florida.

Is there any special reason for ponce de leon to finally settled in san Juan?

Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa became the first Governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish crown. San German was the capital, but he was more interested in a site, where the city of San Juan is located. San Juan is a better place to land ships from Spain. San German is in the west coast coast of Puerto Rico and San Juan is a better place for a harbor.

What is Juan Ponce de Leons brothers and sisters name?

he did not have any brothers or sisters so it is a no

What was juan ponce de leon favorite thing to do?

He loved lying and cheating people, and wanted, like any superficial person would, to be a conqueror and find the Fountain of Youth. He killed innocent people, which is why I dislike him so much.,

Did Ponce de Leon have any hardships?

Yes he had hardships encountered one of them were that the boat sink and got holes in them.

How were juan ponce de leon's navigational skills?

When people like him sailed it was a hit/miss type of thing. An astrolabe was used and they usually had a Portuguese pilot on the ship . This man did all of the navigation and kept the maps. So, Leon didn't have to have any skill in this area .

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