Did Judas repent?

Another answer from our community:

Judas realized after Jesus was killed that he had done something wrong, and terrible. He tried giving the money back, but the Pharisees wouldn't take it. Judas threw the money away and hanged himself.
It is in Matthew's Gospel that Judas repented. Matthew 27:3-5 says that Judas repented of what he had done and took the thirty pieces of silver back to the Temple and cast them down at the priests. He then went away and hanged himself. Dennis R. MacDonald (Two Shipwrecked Gospels) points out that his repentance was made necessary by a traditional saying that was included in Matthew 19:28, in which Jesus clearly promises all twelve apostles who were with him, including Judas, thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. That would be incongruous unless Judas repented and was forgiven.

Another account in Acts of the Apostles shows Judas to be unrepentant. No doubt pleased to be suddenly rich, he purchased a field with the money he had received (Acts 1:19). Unfortunately for him, he fell down and died, his bowels gushing out in the field he bought.