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Did Justin Bieber date his video girl?


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Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

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Justin Bieber is gay ! DUUHHHH

Yes, Justin Bieber has dated girls.

No, Justin Bieber is in a relationship at this time. Justin Bieber would date anyone anywhere if he knew she was the right girl for him.

Justin Bieber has not stated to the public if he will date girls with big families. Justin Bieber will not date just any girl. He will date girls that he loves, and not because they have a certain personality trait.

Yes,Justin Bieber dates any girl he falls in love with.

Justin isn't racist, he would date girls of any skin colour.

Yes, Justin Bieber does date girls that bite they're nails.

Since Justin Bieber is famous, your expectation is pretty unrealistic. .

Justin bieber would date a girl who can make him laugh and that she is really pretty and that she has gret personality!

Yes, Justin bieber has kissed a girl before there's even a video where Justin is kissing a girl when he was like 9

i think he well date a muslim girl

Jasmine Villegas was the main girl who was in the Most Popular Music Video, "Baby". Jasmine Villegas, was the girl who featured with Justin Bieber, and they soon began to date after being busted smooching in a back of a car.

Justin will DATE ANYONE THAT HE FALLS in love with

Justin Bieber said that if his girl is happy he is happy

Justin will probably date any girl in Tennessee if your his type

it depends on which video but most of them are 15

Justin bieber said he would date any girl he fell in love with, so yes he would!

I think Justin Bieber would date any girl that he wants to no matter what. (As long as she says yes)

Well, even if you did like chocolate, Justin Bieber probably wouldn't date you

The girl in One Time video was Kristen Rodeheaver.

the girl in the music video baby is Jazmin villegas

The Girl in the Music Video "Baby" is Jasmine Villegas.

For Justin Bieber's Baby music video. She was the girl in it they ment from that video

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