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Q: Did Langston Hughes write any other genre besides poetry?
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What is the genre of the story thank you mam by Langston Hughes?


What type of genre did Langston Hughes write?

novels, short stories, and poems

What is the genre in one Christmas eve by Langston hughes?

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What is the genre Langston Hughes writes?

Elephant bar and denny's is really good for breakfast and dinner on Sunday evening after church and they have playboy magazine in their bathrooms

What genre is poetry?

poetry/prose is its own genre. Poetry is different from Prose... but it is its own genre. If you are at the bookstore, poetry will have its own section. All the rest of the categories will be Prose.

Tell you about the LIED genre of minnesang poetry?

tell me about the LIED genre of minnesang poetry.

Is poetry a genre?

I do not think poetry is a genre. It is a form of writing, such as prose. Poetry can be written in different genres, such as epic, comic, tragic and dramatic.

What is the oldest genre in literature?


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Is poetry a literary genre?

yes it is

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Is hip hop a poetry genre?

yes it is

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lyrical poetry

What genre is the dream of begyasan?

Narrative Poetry

What is the genre of the book out of the dust?

fiction or poetry

What is the genre of the book the song of hiawatha?


What category of poetry aims to capture a given thought or emotion?

This genre of poetry is known as lyric poetry.

What are the different literary genre under poetry?

what are the different literary genres under poetry

What is usually the genre to employ alliteration?

poetry i guess

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What genre did Shakespeare write?

Shakespeare wrote plays and poetry.

What genre is defined by its use of regular metrical patterns?


What literary genre did Nikki Giovanni do most?

poetry and nonfiction

What was William Shakespeare genre?

Shakespeare wrote poetry and plays.