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Not well known about Lincoln. He ran for president for the simple reason that he had nothing else to do, but did not want to do nothing with the rest of his life. He was going through a midlife crisis. So he did not run for the office on any political standing other than to see if he could. Once in office then he started to look at the things he could fix and change.

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Q: Did Lincoln become president to stop slavery?
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Why did the US want to stop slavery?

Because President Abraham Lincoln outlawed it when he became president!

What problem did Abraham Lincoln stop in America while he was president?

he helped stop slavery in the south

What 2 accomplishments did Abraham Lincoln make while he was president?

help stop slavery

What was the outcome from president Lincoln?

He helPed stop slavery and he made the telegraph popular

How did Lincoln's assassination impact the African Americans?

It created a great sadness because all the African Americans thought that they would have to become slaves again since Lincoln was the only president to stop slavery.

Why did Abraham Lincoln want to be a president?

Abraham Lincoln wanted to become president to prevent the halt the spread of slavery and to stop the Union from crumbling. Believing that he knew exactly what was the best for the people, he wanted to champion his ideals especially during the Civil War.

Did he try to stop slavery?

Did who try to stop slavery? Abraham Lincoln

What happend at Gettysburg during the civilwar?

President Lincoln wanted to end slavery and wanted to stop the civil war

Which President forced slavery to stop?

Abraham Lincoln forced slaved too stop in the United States of America. Then he was murdered my John Wilkes Booth.

What did Abraham Lincoln stop?

Abe Lincoln stopped slavery .

When did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery?

Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery on September 22nd, 1862

When did President Lincoln sign a bill that prohibited slavery in the western territories?

On June 19, 1862, President Lincoln signed a bill into law that forbid slavery in the western territories.This appeared to be a violation of the US Constitution based on the 1857 Dred Scott case.