Did Marco grow up in Venice Italy?

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yes Marco did live in Italy

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Q: Did Marco grow up in Venice Italy?
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Where did Marco polo grow up?

Marco Polo grew up in Venice, Italy.

What people did Marco Polo travel with?

Marco Polo was 17 when he left Venice, Italy with his father and uncle to the court of Kublai Kan for trade. His father was a merchant who was trading with China. Marco ended up staying in China for 25 years before he returned to Italy.

What was Marco Polo's invention?

Marco Polo was not an inventor, but an explorer and tradesman. He left for China at the age of 17 with his father and uncle from Venice, Italy. His father was a merchant who took the silk road to China. Marco ended up staying in Asia for 25 years before returning to Italy.

Where in Italy can one find Venice hostels?

You can find Venice hostels in Italy from the Hostel Bookers website. Once on the page, click on "Hostels" in the top navigation menu, then select "Italy" as the country and "Venice" as the city to bring up the hostel listings.

What Italian city is made up of 117 islands?


Can you get from Dublin to Venice by boat?

If you mean Venice in Italy, then while there are no scheduled services from Dublin to Venice it is possible to go there by boat. You would travel down past France, Spain and Portugal, through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea and then up the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Italy to Venice.

What did Marco polo want to be wen he grow up?

Explorer and writer

Where is Venice in Italy?

It is on the Eastern Coast of the Adriatic Sea, about two thirds of the way up the boot.

Where was Marco Polo brought up?

Marco Polo was raised in the city-state of Venice, in the year 1254. His mother died when he was young so he had to live with his aunt until his father came back. His father returned when Marco was 15.

Where did Michelangelo grow up?

In Florence, Italy.

Was Italy united during the renaissance?

No, Italy was split up into city states such as Florence and Venice. Each one being very independent.

Is there a hair salon for black women anywhere near Venice Italy?

You can always search it up on Google.

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