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She did, you can Google it.

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Q: Did Martha Cothren take all the desks out of her classroom and at the end of the day US soldiers brought them back into the classroom?
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Did Martha Washington help the soldiers at Valley Forge?

She was a noteworthy figure at the winter encampment who brought aid and comfort to the troops encamped at Valley Forge.

How did Martha Washington help the soldiers in the war?

she brough lots of food and medicine to the soldiers

How did Martha Washington get in the war?

Healer for wounded soldiers.

Who did Martha Washington help during the revolutionary war?


How many socks did Martha Washington make for the soldiers?

0 it was all a publicity stunt. The soldiers went sockless

What contributions did Martha Washington make to society?

Martha joined the war to help George Washington by mending and knitting the soldiers clothes.

How did Martha Washington contribute to the Revolutionary War?

she offered love and support to the soldiers

Martha Katz's- what is it before a noun?

When the noun "Martha Katz's" is placed before a noun, it indicates that the noun belongs to Martha Katz.The apostrophe s ('s) at the end of her name is a possessive form. Something in the sentence belongs to her.Examples:Martha Katz's house is on Maple Street.I made the cake with Martha Katz's recipe.This classroom is Martha Katz's.

What did Martha Washington do for your country?

Martha Washington aided the soldiers fighting in the war at that time, she made clothing and was by their bedside when they were sick. she greatly encouraged them to keep going.

Who would rely on Martha Washington?

married to George Washington and helped feed the soldiers and her husband.

What did Martha Washington do in the Revolutionary War?

Martha Washington did not have a specific job in the War she just followed Geroge Washington around the battle field, and she helped injured soldiers

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60 Minutes - 1968 Zion's Christian Soldiers Martha Stewart Making Their Case 35-36 was released on: USA: 8 June 2003

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