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Did Medusa and Poseidon have a union?


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they "dated" but were caught in Athena's temple and she turned medusa and her sisters into gorgons

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Poseidon never married Medusa, though Poseidon did lust after her.

Poseidon was lover of Medusa.

Poseidon did in Athena's temple with Medusa

Medusa had loved Poseidon, she had also had an affair with him

medusa was in love with poseidon at one time

Poseidon wanted to have carnal relations with Medusa but Medusa was a priestess in the temple of Athena, a maiden god. As such, all of her priestess were also expected to be maidens. Poseidon disregarded this and raped Medusa within the temple walls. Athena was infuriated but could not take her vengeance on Poseidon so instead she turned Medusa into a gorgon. Medusa was essentially punished for being raped.

Poseidon was Medusa's boyfriend and they were hanging out in Athena's temple. Then Athena turned Medusa into Medusa.

Medusa only loved Poseidon

Medusa had two children by Poseidon, Pegasus and Chrysaor.

I'll make this as simple as possible. Poseidon, the sea god, was dating Medusa. Medusa was a beautiful woman at the time. Poseidon and Medusa snuck into Athena's house. Athena caught them together in her house and turned Medusa into what she is.

She cried out in outrage, for Poseidon and Medusa were making love in her temple; and she was a virgin goddess. She cursed Medusa with serpent hair.

Poseidon is the father of Pegasus by Medusa.

It was, actually, the Parthenon! Poseidon and Medusa were caught in the Parthenon and then Athena turned Medusa, the beautiful, young girl, into what we think today as Medusa. That lady with the scaly skin and snake hair.

Because Athena caught Medusa with her boyfriend (Poseidon) in her temple.

Yes they did. Medusa used to be very beautiful, until Athena caught her and Poseidon together in her temple. Athena then cursed her and she became very ugly with snakes as hair. Hannah:I agree with this answer person Medusa was like obsessed with Poseidon

Medusa, Demeter and Amphitrite

Athena did, when Medusa had desecrated her temple by making love to Poseidon there.

Because Medusa was making love with Poseidon in Athena's temple.

When Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, Chrysaor and Pegasus emerged from her neck.

Athena caught Poseidon raping one of her followers, Medusa, in her temple. Interestingly, Medusa was punished, not Poseidon. Athena turned Medusa and her sisters into Gorgons.

Because Poseidon lay with Medusa in Athena's temple, so the goddess Athena was offended against Medusa.

Yes. She was originally a human but was cursed by Athena when she caught Medusa with Poseidon in her temple.

Poseidon, his children by Medusa were Khrysaor (Chrysaor) and the horse Pegasos (Pegasus).

Zeus never wanted to marry Medusa; Medusa had a relationship with Poseidon in Athena's temple.

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