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Yeah. Miley Cyrus...when he was dating her.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-25 02:58:11
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Q: Did Nick Jonas kissed a girl?
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Has Nick Jonas kissed a girl?


Who did Nick Jonas kissed?

Nick Jonas kissed Selena Gomez

Has Joe Jonas kissed Nick Jonas?

omgg no!!!

Who kissed demi lavoto?

She kissed Nick Jonas though.

Has Nick Jonas ever kissed a girl?

Yes, he has kissed his now ex-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. Not only that, he has kissed actress Selena Gomez. They kissed when they were slow dancing.

Who kissed Miley Cyrus?

Nick Jonas

How many girls had Nick Jonas kissed?


Have Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas kissed?


Who has Miley Cyrus kissed?

nick Jonas of course

Who has Nick Jonas kissed?

no one he can't get a gf..

Had Miley Cyrus kiss Nick Jonas?

no but nick kissed miley on the cheek on the tour.

Has Nick Jonas ever frenched kissed?

well of course

Has miley ever kissed anyone in public?

YEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has kissed Nick Jonas In alot of places!

Who was Nick Jonas's first kiss?

Nick Jonas was kissed at 13 years old. He had kissed a girl named rosaline something dont know the rest. I also heard that joe had a thing for rosaline ....maybe he stole her...I wish i was her

Is Miley Cyrus making out with Nick Jonas?

she has kissed him on the cheek, but i dont know if she's kissed him on the lips!!!!

How many boys has Selena Gomez kissed?

she has kissed 2 boys Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner.

Has Joe Jonas kissed a girl?


Has Nick Jonas kissed Selena Gomez?

yes ofcorse they are going out

Demi Lovato kissing nick Jonas?

He kissed her face before.

How many times has Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas kissed?


Does Miley Cyrus kissed?

Yes she used to date nick Jonas

Would Nick Jonas date a girl who is Irish?

would nick Jonas date a girl that is Irish

Does Nick Jonas like girls who are shy?

Nobody but Nick Jonas knows what kind of girl Nick Jonas likes. == ==

How do you become Nick Jonas Girl Friend?

Only Nick Jonas himself can answer that =)

Who has the Jonas brothers ever kissed?

Joe has kissed Camilla, and Me...Nick has kissed Selena, and Miley... & Kevin has kissed his long-term friend, who he is happily engaged to!!