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Did North Vietnam win the Vietnam War?


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Yes, several years after the US pulled out. North Vietnam finally conquered South Vietnam. But they did not defeat the US military! The US in fact destroyed their military, and it took them those several years to rebuild before they were able to defeat the South. In those few years the US pulled out of Vietnam, only leaving forces in some cities, mainly Saigon security forces (which were shown scrambling to leave the city on international news). This is why it looks like the US was running with its tail tucked between its legs, when in fact all major combat units had been gone for some time.


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With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

For North Vietnam to win the war; which they did.

For North Vietnam to win the war; which they did.

The North won in April of '75.

North Vietnam won South Vietnam by conquering it.

North Vietnam used persistence.

There was no Vietnam during the Viet War. That's what 50% of the war was about (the other 50% was communism). There were TWO countries, a North Vietnam and a South Vietnam. The North conquered the South in 1975. The North was persistent.

Communist North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam on 30 April 1975.

Which types of techniques did WHICH Vietnam use? There were two Vietnams: North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

The United States lost the will to continue fighting. The Vietnamese, who were defending their own country, were willing to fight forever. The North Vietnamese saw no distinction between North and South Vietnam. Ed Vietnam War Veteran 1968-69

Nuclear weapons would have destroyed the enemy (North Vietnam).

See the website on "Vietnam". But be advised, there was NO "North Vietnam" after the war ended...Just VIETNAM.

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

The US didn't win it. Or...North Vietnam won the war. Either way is preferable to "losing the war" according to the many hard core historians.

the north won and the south loss

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam; the North won the war.

Defeat the communist north and unite Vietnam under one capitalist dictatorship. Win the war.

the outcome was that the us helped the south vietnamese win the war and the north and south came together

North Vietnam stopped the Vietnam War; by winning it.

Air war-North Vietnam Ground war-South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh was at power in North Vietnam during Vietnam War and he was a Communist.

For North Vietnam it was.

For North Vietnam it was.

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